Why Your SEO Agency Should Use SEO and CRO Together


SEO is the tactics your digital marketing agency use to boost your rankings on search engines. It is essential because the higher you are in the rankings, the more likely people will see your website.

CRO is the method of testing the elements of your website to boost conversions or sales for your business. It means creating a website experience that users enjoy.

Benefits of SEO

Why Your SEO Agency Should Use SEO and CRO TogetherOptimizing your pages to rank higher will help you expand your audience. Attention spans are reportedly getting shorter and shorter, which means you have less time to convince someone to click through to your site. According to Time magazine, that is less than eight seconds. Getting on the first page of a search can help you improve the odds someone will find your website. Most SEO agencies build digital marketing campaigns with this in mind.  The reality is if you're not getting the clicks, your competitor is. At Soap Media, we understand how vital this is to your business. We build SEO campaigns that work; 80 percent of our clients get first page within the first few months.

SEO agencies can use techniques to instill trust in your audience. As this trust grows, they are more likely to convert. Attracting users with a keyword or phrase enables you to help solve their pain points.

Benefits of CRO

With CRO marketing techniques, visitors will become customers. Your SEO agency should know how to use tried and true methods of enhancing webpage elements so that visitors are more likely to take the desired action. The desired action could be signing up for your newsletter, joining an email list, or registering for your latest webinar.

Most CRO strategies focus on improving the user experience or UX. Creating a website that is easy to navigate and attractive to the eye gives you a better chance at impressing visitors. Visitors that are impressed by your site and find relevant content are more likely to become customers. And even brand ambassadors.

Focusing on CRO allows you to go deeper with your audience and come to a better understanding of who they are and what they are looking for from your product or service. You may even find new ideas for product lines that increase your revenue.

How SEO and CRO Compliment Each Other

Your SEO agency can use SEO and CRO tactics and methods to bring more people to your website and convert them from visitors to buyers. Soap Media goes beyond backlink basics to help you develop a website design that attracts and delights your visitors. We also focus on building landing pages to optimize your PPC efforts.

With the right approach, you can use SEO and CRO together by taking actions like:

    • Creating user-friendly pages that have clear headings and relevant content
    • Ensuring your content is well-organized and focused on specific topics rather than being too general
    • Strategically use keywords and heading tags
    • Regularly review and update your website

Ask your agency to test your pages and site elements to help you uncover different CRO tactics that boost your sales. They can also use your analytics to help find ways to improve your CRO. For example, if you've noticed that your SEO campaigns are attracting a lot of attention from Italy, you may want to consider a unique product for that market. You may also discover that a product video ranks high with a particular demographic that you overlooked in your campaign. By using these insights, your SEO agency can pivot to improve your conversion rate.

Many SEO agencies understand best practices to boost your rankings on search engines. However, just gaining more traffic to your site won't increase your sales. You need to look for digital marketing professionals that also know how to improve your CRO. When you get more traffic to a website optimized for conversions, you'll start to see the growth you deserve.

Contact Soap Media today and let us help you convert visitors to customers.