Why You Should Consider Blogging as Part of Your Internet Marketing Plan

Blogging may become a more important part of an Internet marketing plan for some businesses than others. You may find that blogging makes particular sense for your business if your blog can be incorporated seamlessly into your online presence.

A business blog may make sense for your business if you find yourself repeatedly explaining the same theories, techniques, processes or instructions to your clients or customers.  A blog can be a great way to provide your customers with a written record of the information that you dispense, allowing them to refresh their memories or prepare more specific questions for you.

Some of the benefits of blogging for your business may include:

    • Developing your brand online. - Whether or not you blog, it is possible, and perhaps even likely, that someone is blogging about your products or services.  Having your own blog can play an important role in helping your business establish its own brand online, rather than having a brand imposed on you by your customers and competitors.  Take control of your business' online presence by putting your own message out there.
    • Improving Search Engine Optimization. - A blog can be vital to improving your search engine ranking for several reasons.  Search engines find it very easy to locate keywords in a blog, which has a very simple format (text-rich HTML) compared to many other webpages.  It is easy to incorporate the keywords of your choice into a blog post without making the writing seem contrived or nonsensical.

A blog can also improve your search engine optimization by increasing your page count and the amount of related content that a search engine perceives your website to have.  From a search engine's perspective, this can make your business more of an expert than your competitors and cause it to rank you higher.

Bloggers will frequently create links from their blog to blog posts that they find interesting.  These inbound links can help increase your search engine ranking as well.

    • Providing fresh and original content. - The best way to keep customers and clients coming back to your website is to provide them with new and interesting information.  No one is going to come back to read the same thing over and over.

Continually providing fresh and interesting content will enable you to increase your organic search engine traffic.

Blogging may not be a good choice for every business, but should be carefully considered as part of any Internet marketing plan.