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Why Successful Companies Hire an Agency for Marketing

Your company, large or small, is already up and running. In fact, it is already going along smoothly and efficiently. If that is so, why would you need to hire a marketing agency? There are actually several reasons that this is a wise and financially sound step.

Inc. Magazine has this to say about the matter, “As your business grows, you’ll eventually need to think about how the marketing will be handled.” After all, marketing is something that has to continue; you are never done looking for new leads, clients and even partners. The only way to find them is via modern marketing methods.

And as you may, or may not, know, those methods take a lot of time, resources and know how. Since you did not get into business in order to spend time doing lots of marketing, it makes sense to find a firm that does focus on such tasks. However, and as is the case with almost any service or product, no two firms are exactly alike.

Again, as Inc. stated, “…do your due diligence. You’ll want to make sure you know what questions to ask and what to look for in a digital marketing company to find the right one for your business.”
Fortunately, knowing which questions to ask and what to look for can also help you better understand just why you need that agency in the first place.

The Questions and the Benefits

As an example, you might wonder why hire outside of your office. After all, if the people doing the marketing have gotten you to this point, why won’t they continue with their success? Good question! The reality is that they just might, but at what cost? After all, there are the payroll and employment expenses, the tools and resources they will need to do the work, and the time taken away from their actual jobs. There is also the need to replace any of the team members who leave, and that means searching, onboarding and all of the rest.

If you hire a skilled agency, they work as independent contractors, and even more importantly, they have the expertise and the tools. You won’t need to look for the right people, train them and handle the many employment costs. Instead, the well chosen marketing agency is your turnkey solution.

The point is to find out what sort of experiences and resources the firms you consider actually have available.

For instance, do they have an SEO expert and a social media manager? Do they have the ability to design a website and a comprehensive marketing plan? Will they be able to offer you clear reports from top analytical resources? What about the use of those costly subscription services for things like SEO research?

You want to ask potential firms about their teams and the tools used in order to uncover the right company for your needs. It is not difficult to determine if a firm really “gets it”. They will be able to share their Google partnership status as well as certifications granted by Google’s own “Academy for Ads” in areas such as AdWords & Analytics, a history in lead generation success, content marketing, social media management and even more advanced issues like live streaming and video production. Find that sort of skill and resource potential and you’ll find success.