Why Ranking High in SERPs Is Not as Important as Good SEO

Let's take a look at just how a digital marketing strategy might conduct this sort of SEO work.

Fighting for the overly competitive keywords

If you have ever attempted to get a good spot in SERPs for the most competitive keywords you may know just what an un-winnable uphill battle feels like. They are too difficult to gain any ground, but they are too important to ignore. What can you do to somehow win the SEO game without also winning the SERP victory? You offer to sponsor content on the most authoritative sites. Sponsor a post on the site via a tag and get a backlink to the content or landing page best suited to the goals of your digital marketing strategy. If this is untenable, offering a guest post at an authoritative site might also work wonders.

Go for brand alternatives

The largest names in any industry will end up as the key competitors in any effort at hitting high in SERPs. But there are always the brand alternatives to help. Simply use a search for that industry leader plus the word "alternative". Look at the sites where articles or lists identify competitors and then request an addition of your brand or name in that article or list. Just pitch it to the author or publisher and create an organic SEO option for yourself.

Think about "best" searches

Digital marketing strategy has had to adjust for spoken searches a la "hey Siri," but we also have the common "best" searches. The "best XYZ near me" is a very common search, as is the "best XYZ in CITY". However, instead of striving to win the SEO and SERP game with those collections of words, you can look for press and media sources of the "best of" articles and once again request inclusion or a mention of some sort. You might also look at the alternative searches that some of those bests have ranked. For example "CITY juice bar" and "CITY coffee shop" for a firm looking to rate high and enjoy organic SEO results for "CITY café".

As you can see, there is a lot to be gained by paying attention to organic SEO outcomes over your SERP efforts in a digital marketing strategy. There are many ways that you may be unable to win the latter against the major industry players, but you can certainly use a savvy digital marketing strategy to do better with organic SEO. SOAP Media Inc, is a full-service SEO agency ready to help you with organic outcomes and rankings.