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What You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing For Your Small Business

More and more potential customers are using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for some or all of their shopping needs. Potential customers who visit your business’ website using a mobile device will become easily frustrated and leave if the site is too slow or too difficult to use. The use of mobile devices is quickly becoming pervasive in Canadian society and small business owners cannot afford to ignore this fact.

Having a mobile-friendly version of your website is key. Depending on your business, it may be sufficient for you to have a landing page designed specifically for each type of device that might be used to access your website, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone. If your mobile customers need to access more than just a landing page, you may want to consider using responsive design for your entire website. Responsive design adjusts the content and layout of each page automatically, depending on the device being used.

A mobile-friendly version of your website should load quickly on a mobile device, which likely has a much slower connection than a desktop or laptop computer. Your entire advertisement or landing page should fit on the smaller screen of a mobile device. It should be designed for a preoccupied user, as many people use their mobile devices while they are out doing other things, such as socializing with friends or riding the bus. Using a mobile device is often a secondary activity for the user. For these reasons, any marketing designed for a mobile device should have less content than a traditional webpage or advertisement. It should provide only the information sought and require as little input as possible from the potential customer.

While it is essential for small business owners to make their marketing mobile-friendly, the mobile device is not the only device that will be used by potential customers. A successful marketing campaign will acknowledge the various devices in use today and have a presence across all of them.

Making your marketing mobile-friendly is about making shopping for your product or services easy for your potential customer. The customer wants shopping to be effortless and expects to be able to access the information he or she wants instantly. Shopping for your product may start at home on a laptop computer and continue on a smartphone once the customer has arrived at a store. If you can provide the information that your potential customer needs seamlessly across any device they might choose to use, this will result in fewer frustrated potential customers and more sales.