What Software Companies Must Do To Succeed Online

So you own a Software company and everything is going well. Business is good but then one day you notice that the phone has stopped ringing, email leads are not coming in as often as they used to, traffic to your website is down and new business is drying up. You're not completely in the dark, you know a thing or 2 about website analysis so you open up your Google analytics account and prepare to review the data. To your amazement you discover that the website has been steadily losing traffic for the past 12 months. The worst part of this is that you are unable to tell from the data exactly why your traffic is down.

It's tough out there for all service businesses to attract and maintain a steady client base. I know as I deal with this all of the time. It's so frustrating to have a client come to me and say that they don't know what is wrong.... they blog and create a video every week and still the traffic has been steadily declining. I ask them a simple question, how many new followers have you generated on your various social media channels in the past 3 months and how are you engaging with them? The response is usually "I don't know". Don't worry, you are not alone. Succeeding online is not difficult but it does require action in order to make it happen. Remember, an idea is just a thought unless you act upon it!

The channels that customers and clients use to find and analyze a business have changed drastically in the past 4 years. Television is not what it used to be. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are the new NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. What you have to do is create the next Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Walking Dead or Big Bang Theory online. Once again it's not impossible but it does require patience and a good Digital Marketing strategy that outlines the following aspects of your business online:

  1. Target Audience - Identify the target audience, demographics, SWOT analysis, KPI's to be measured
  2. Search Engine Optimization - Get found online organically for your industry keywords "Computer Security" or "Network Security"
  3. Website Design - An easy to navigate website that encourages visitors to become leads and then converts them into customers
  4. Online Advertising (Re-marketing) - Show your ads on websites such as weather.ca and kijiji.ca, only in your region and only to anyone that has visited your website in the past 30 days
  5. Social Media Profiles - Present your company in social media channels as educated, caring, responsible and even humorous under the right circumstances

Now I know you're probably not ready to move ahead right away with growing your business and more importantly generating more revenue but when you are, I do hope that you consider Soap Media Inc. When you are ready, call Jesse at 613-818-3499 for a free consultation.