What is AI, and how does it help with Digital Marketing?

Since the release of ChatGPT back in March of 2023, many AI platforms have been released. With it becoming more intelligent every day, many industries worldwide are beginning to use it to help automate processes and shave time off work that might take much longer if it was completed manually.

Digital marketing is an industry that has taken massive advantage of AI and for many good reasons! But how can it help? Let's examine it and how it helps the digital marketing world.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence(AI), Ai The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence.Artificial intelligence (AI) is a machine's ability to perform functions we would typically associate with a human cognitive mind. AI technology is unique because it can quickly process vast amounts of data, whereas the human mind would take much longer to process and sort the information. The minds behind Artificial intelligence have fitted the technology with progressive algorithms that allow it to learn as it goes.

It finds patterns and regularities in data and decides the following action. We've been using the same technology for some time, such as online shopping.

When shopping on Amazon, you may have noticed that it will show a complementary product you might be interested in. It's the same sort of thing with Artificial intelligence, and it learns more about the user as time goes along and can quickly use this knowledge to help perform its next step. This is called machine learning.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a form of Artificial intelligence trained on data rather than receiving specific programming instructions. The algorithms within this technology can detect patterns and learn how to make recommendations or predictions of the user's next action/need. The algorithms also adapt to new data and experiences, improving efficiency. 

Machine learning was deployed in the 70s and has impacted industries worldwide, including digital marketing.

How can AI help in digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence provides digital marketing companies with fast and effective solutions for marketing efforts, and it does this without the need for high expense. Additionally, AI, paired with the right content, helps digital marketing companies reach their target audience when they are online and on the platform they're most likely to use.

Using Artificial intelligence for marketing requires research, comparative analytics, and well-matched data. If done correctly, it can work wonders regarding lead capture for marketing strategies.

Using AI in digital advertising

This is arguably the most significant area where it has helped the digital marketing world. This is because big brands like Facebook, Instagram, and X use AI technology to learn more about their users for paid advertising.

The technology analyzes age, location, areas of interest, gender, and even job roles. It can then decide the most relevant adverts to show to certain people (or target audiences). Because of this, big companies are seeing a much higher ROI (return on investment) from the adverts they put out online.

The Nike Fit app is the perfect example of a great use of Artificial intelligence advertising. They combined Artificial intelligence and AR (augmented reality) so that app users can scan their feet and receive the perfect shoe recommendations based on that scan.

Using AI in visual content creation

artificial intelligence (AI) in visual content creationAnyone in digital marketing knows you have a small window of time to capture your target audience's attention, so your visuals must be on point. But how can it help here?

While a human still needs to ask Artificial intelligence to create specific visuals, It can refine current designs and predict upcoming trends in real-time.

This is achieved by using AI to recognize consumer behaviours and desires, meaning it can expect what's coming up next and what will be trending.

While trends usually last long enough to jump on the bandwagon and share some of the love from users, wouldn't it be amazing to be there at the start of the trend? Using it to help with visual creation is a must for digital marketing experts in today's world.

Using AI in chatbot applications

For many brands, having excellent customer service and exceptional customer experience is high on the priority list, and AI can now help make chatbot applications seamless.

While not so long ago, a customer service agent could only deal with a small handful of people, chatbots can serve countless amounts of customers at the same time.

Also, your chatbot can run 24/7, and AI will always provide a smooth and fast service. This also means that if your company has operations overseas or in a different time zone, you can continue to serve your customers without interruption.

It can also help break language barriers simultaneously, meaning your products or services can be used anywhere.

Using AI for content marketing

It has completely changed the content marketing world because it makes it much easier to target your audiences. This is because creating more digital content is now easier than ever.

You can use it to generate many types of content, such as blog posts, social media content (including captions and hashtags, which is excellent for SEO), video scripts and advertising ideas.

However, there is a slight caveat to doing this. AI detectors are now a thing, so if you're creating content for your company or client, people can tell if you've put in the effort.

So, in this case, humans can utilize Artificial intelligence to help form content from their ideas. This means creating commands within your AI to generate the content you're after. Once this has been performed, it's still up to you (the human) to edit, meet brand guidelines, and generally proofread the content created.

This can be highly useful when digital marketers need to generate large volumes of content or even optimize current content for better engagement.


Artificial intelligence is the future, and it's here to help. With AI, you can use fewer resources and time to make your marketing campaigns more effective. Contact us today.