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What Do Whiteboard Explainer Videos do for a Company’s SEO?

Okay, let’s just jump right to the focal point of this article: Your audience wants videos…they prefer them. Now, you might be ready to argue that your audience wants data, graphical illustrations of your points, or blocks of text that allow you to make your point and for them to comprehend your meaning.

No…they don’t.

An article from Forbes, the author explained that, as data indicates, it is video that is the future of the web. Citing a report from Cisco, the article indicated that in the next two years (by 2020) around 80% or more of consumer internet traffic is likely to be driven by video. Another article released in May of 2018 said we were almost there already with around 72% of consumers using videos over text marketing. And of course there is the now famous figure that tells us that consumers in almost all areas are almost 65% more likely to buy when marketing is done via video.

And whiteboard explainers are videos, but with a twist. They are videos that use whiteboards or heavy graphic elements to speak to the viewer. They are often compared to animated shorts and they “explain” all of the benefits of a product or service. When done right, they are a wonderful way to communicate almost any idea to an interested audience, but they have a lot to offer to your SEO.

SEO and Whiteboard Explainer Videos: The Perfect Companions

While we don’t have the time or space to delve into just how to win the SEO game and hit the first page of all relevant search engine results for your business, we can tell you that it requires lots of moving parts. There are keywords, meta data, website design and flow, social media steps and more.

The factors that a group like Google uses to determine your site’s placement range widely, and it might surprise you to discover that whiteboard explainers can really help with this issue.

1. They take a few minutes, and if they are done well, they boost the average amount of time a visitor spends on a page. The longer their visit the higher that page ranks in Google’s estimation.
2. It is something that can be used to build a YouTube channel and direct social media traffic to your chosen landing pages.
3. It gives you a video library, which means a valid place to use lots of relevant keywords in the titles, tags and other meta data
4. It gives people a pleasant and easily shareable form of marketing that lets you advertise entirely for free through your use of social media and videos on your website.

Those are only a few of the benefits to be enjoyed when you integrate whiteboard explainer videos into your marketing methods. Not only are they a popular and widely preferred way of communicating with your audience, but they can covertly help to boost your SEO, which means they can help you reach marketing and even sales goals in ways you might not have guessed. To learn more about this or add such videos to your marketing efforts, get in touch with the team at SOAP media.