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Website design trends for 2022

Website design has become an art form of its own. Your organization’s website has become more than just your online presence. It is your calling card. And you want to make a great first impression.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have relied on the internet even more. In Canada alone, the amount of time people spend online has increased over the past couple of years. According to Statistics Canada, four out of five people shopped online during 2020. And online spending jumped from $57.4 billion to $84.4 billion.

With more and more people accessing the digital world, keeping the attention and interest of your audience has become more of a challenge. In response, website design has become more engaging and exciting. Website designers have devoted more time and energy to experimenting and creating innovative looks by manipulating grids, lines and colours. As the pandemic continues, so too will the need to attract and engage visitors to your website.

To stay competitive, you’ll need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to website design trends. Here are some of the top trends we expect to see more of in 2022.

Scavenger hunts

Designers have started using website structures to create puzzles or scavenger hunts. It is a way to engage visitors. Pages can be daisy-chained together, and some parts of the site could be protected by a password. In order to access it, visitors would need to unlock a clue. These could be given in different ways, such as:

    • Word-based on a riddle
    • Hidden word on your main website
    • Clickable element on the page
    • Visitors can draw a shape
    • Crack a code

Using scavenger hunts on your website is a great way to pique interest in a product launch or when you release a new long-form piece of content such as a video or guide.

Single-page sites

Sometimes simple is best. One-page websites have already started to trend, but we expect the interest in easy navigation will make single-page sites an ongoing trend for 2022. These sites work best when the content is basic, such as a resume or portfolio. It is ideal for organizations that want to communicate one idea. Visitors will enjoy the break from having to navigate multiple pages to find the information they’re looking for. It also prevents them from being distracted and losing interest.

Art deco styles

Furthering the interest in geometric designs we’ve seen over the past few years, art deco patterns and images will gain popularity in 2022. This design feature fits well with a minimalistic style.  Think curvy lines or repetitive graphic shapes. You can use them in logos, borders, illustrations, and more. Anything inspired by nature’s patterns can inspire an art deco design.

Abstract illustrations

Website illustrations that offer an organic texture are also increasing in popularity. Abstract design provides a more sophisticated feeling to a website than the traditional vector graphics. Think about ways to bring together different textures or effects, like watercolour, paint, and silkscreen. In abstract design, line weight can be lighter to give the feeling you used ink in your design. You don’t need to keep it simple when you incorporate abstract illustrations. You can make them as complex as you want, using thin lines and geometrical shapes mixed on the page.

Split-screen sites

A split-screen layout provides an interesting visual that provides contrast and a way to separate your page’s content. It can also allow you to play with more colour on the page. If you decide to use this trend on your website update, be sure to include a solid anchor on the page, so the visitor doesn’t feel lost or confused.

split screen web design

Background motion

As website design moves away from busy sites that can overwhelm visitors with their complexity and movement, we’ll see more subtle incorporation of movement. This could be some background animal or video that catches the eye and mind of the visitor but does it in a softer way. It may also be mico-animations that bring some energy to the page. Websites that incorporate background motion will reduce the bounce rate and encourage users to engage with the message of the site.


Allowing everyone to have access to your website content is a trend that we expect to take off big in 2022. Accessibility has become a crucial part of website design. You may want to make accommodations for visitors with visual or auditory impairments. Consider ways to get your site’s message across that enables equal access. One way that designers have been addressing this challenge is to use them and font customization. These options allow visitors to adjust website elements like font size or contrast. Adding accessibility features to your website will help you stand out in consumers’ minds. It demonstrates that your organization truly cares about their online experience.

Anything goes typography

Big and bold fonts are another major trend you can expect to see in website design for 2022. Designers will continue to play with different sizes and types of font to create a unique user experience. However, you need to think about how the font type will appear on different sized devices. Remember that 4.66 billion people around the world are using mobile devices. That is nearly 60 percent of the global population. And over 90 percent or 4.32 billion use mobile devices to access the internet.  So long as you keep that in mind, anything goes, which means 2022 will be the year for experimenting in typography.

3D elements

Some designers have already started incorporating 3D elements into their website designs. You can expect this trend to continue into 2022. However, don’t go for huge, over-done 3D features, but rather, add them subtly. For example, consider where you could place layers for depth or shadows to add a 3d appearance to shapes or graphics on the page.

Website design trends for 2022

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