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Unknown Ways to Leverage Your Content

Your content is the end result of research and focus. After all, you have to find out what keywords to use. You have to develop a strong “voice” that sets you apart from the competition. You have to be sure that your content enhances and builds your brand. And you have to produce it, and keep on producing it to ensure success. No wonder so many professionals like you look for known and unknown ways to leverage your content.

Leveraging content means many things, but what you want to do is build momentum behind content and keep it going. This is the best way to leverage your content for optimal success. How is that done? One of the most effective methods is to “dig in”. By that, we mean doing more than surface coverage of your topic. The world is packed with short and re-hashed blogs and posts. You are far more likely to get a lot of mileage when you dig into the subject.

Keep in mind that this allows you to create appealing blogs on a single subject. It also lures your competitors’ readers away and really leverages your content because they share it even farther.

Go Audible

Another savvy, and unknown way to leverage your content is to make it audible. You can turn it into a podcast, audio recording or both. More than 45 million people load podcasts. Even more listen to books on tape and other audio content. You can truly leverage all of your well written content by simply recording it in a high quality way.

Go Video

While you might also leverage your content by making a series of videos, you can use it even more creatively. For instance, your “content” can include video “Q&A” sessions. Rather than replying in a forum, social media or an @mention on Twitter, do a Q&A video. This makes your information shareable and is more engaging than a few lines of text.

Think “Repurpose”

You are going to get a lot of mileage out of your content by repurposing, but don’t be boring. Yes, you can turn text into audio and video, but what else? Infographics are the ultimate shareable, and will get your information farther than ever. Appear on Pinterest boards, other blogs, websites and more. By repurposing text into graphical forms, you also see new angles to explore. Consider slideshows, too and even decide if a short online course might help your readers.

Find Leveraging Partners

Finally, if you want an optimal way to get the most out of good content, think partners. They need to be in other industries that complement yours. Do case studies, webinars and cross promotions, host podcasts or sit in as a guest…the options are endless. The key is to pick a partner or two with an audience interested in your content. They will share it with others in related fields and it will open doors.

Content will remain king well into the future, but these tips can help you make the very most of all content you produce.