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Top 5 Benefits of Pets in the Workplace

Pets in the workplace may not be a feasible option for all businesses. Yet, if you work in safe settings, it could be entirely possible to bring a pet to the office. Why you might want to do that varies. Some pet owners appreciate spending more time with pets, and others like that a pet isn’t home alone all day. There are so many benefits of pets in the workplace it is important to look beyond those just mentioned.

Beyond Dogs and Cats

If you are exploring the benefits of pets in the workplace, consider more than dogs or cats. If you have a good space, it is entirely possible to allow chinchillas, rabbits, hamsters and other low key, animals. As long as owners have proper cages and hygiene controls, many pets can bring their benefits.

And what are those benefits of pets in the workplace? Let’s look at the top five. They include:

Stress reducers – Study upon study has shown that the company of a pet reduces stress. There is, perhaps, nowhere that stress does more harm than the workplace. So, being able to pat your dog or cat on the head may lower high stress moments. Even being able to pet you co-worker’s dog can relieve stress!
They improve relationships – We just mentioned that you might not bring a pet, but “share” a co-workers. In fact, it has been shown that animals are the ultimate “ice breakers”. Cute and cuddly, they can become a conduit to communication and healthy office relationships.
Fewer absentee days – The benefits of pets in the workplace apply to employers, too. After all, companies with pet friendly policies also report fewer absentee days in general. Employees are also willing to work later if they don’t have a pet waiting at home, but instead by their side.
They nurture creativity – Most pets need a walk or some care during the day. This necessary movement has been shown to boost employees’ creative thinking. Having a single “office dog” who needs a lunchtime walk can boost that walker’s mental clarity. By reducing stress, getting people away from desks, and requiring care, pets boost creativity.
They create a friendlier setting – Whether it is an office dog or cat, or pet friendly policies, pets make a place friendlier. A pet who greets a newcomer, welcomes staff each day, and visits desks for treats, improves the setting. Everyone will experience that sense of welcome thanks to pets in the office.

There are many benefits of pets in the workplace. Whether you work from home or in a formal office, pets are wonderful and inspiring. They boost creativity while cutting stress, they boost your mood and create friendships. If you have been worrying about the atmosphere in your office, you may want to consider an office pet. From fish and hamsters to cats and dogs, pets bring a lot to the office and are wonderful co-workers.