Top 10 SEO Mistakes That Cost A Company Money

There are numerous SEO mistakes that can cost your website in terms of search engine ranking and cold hard cash. Here are our top 10 such mistakes.

    1. Repeating keywords at the expense of copy quality.
      Commonly known as “keyword stuffing”, this once-common tactic was never a good idea because no one wants to read content that is merely a jumble of keywords often repeated over and over and providing no actual message. The current search engine algorithms penalize websites that include this type of content.
    2. Copying content from other websites.
      Copying content is illegal. It is also penalized by search engines, which have become very good at determining which websites have the original content that people are looking for.
    3. Using the wrong keywords.
      Consider how people will search for your business or product. Your keywords should include not only the answer to their question, but the question itself. For example, incorporating “Where is Danny’s bakery?” into your content may draw more visitors to view your bakery website than the incorporation of “Danny’s bakery location.”
    4. Incorporating “Bad” links.
      There are a number of potential problems that you need to watch out for here, including broken links, links to your website from poor quality sources and having links only to your homepage rather than various pages of your website.
    5. Failing to include keywords specific to your location.
      Anyone searching for a local business (for example a local veterinarian) will customize their search so that their search results include only the local options rather than every veterinarian with a website around the globe. Make it easy for your local customers to find your website by including location-specific keywords.
    6. Incorporating poorly written, duplicate or valueless content.
      Search engine algorithms reward the websites that they perceive to be experts on the topic in question. When content is not well written, is too short, or is repeated on multiple pages, the search engine algorithm penalizes the website as being of less value to potential visitors.
    7. Failing to provide a positive experience for visitors to your website.
      Having too many ads on your website, or having a website that takes too long to load detracts from the overall experience for potential visitors. You may be penalized for anything that impacts the enjoyment of your website by visitors.
    8. Neglecting to give each page of your website a unique title and description.
      Don’t miss this important opportunity to include keywords specific to each page of your website.
    9. Refusing to track your success (or failure).
      Unless you use analytics to determine which keywords are generating not only traffic to your website but traffic that converts to sales or clients, your website will never truly be optimized.
    10. Failing to keep informed of the constantly changing and developing world of SEO.

Search engine algorithms are changing all the time. The most important thing you can do to ensure that your website becomes and stays highly-ranked is to stay informed of these changes and any tools that may help you update your website to accommodate new SEO considerations.