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Terms You Should Know to Better Understand Website Analytics

Analytics is a vital part of Internet marketing.  They will enable you to understand how each aspect of your business’ marketing plan is contributing to the generation or nurturing of new leads or the conversion of those leads into sales.

Analytics will allow you to measure the success of your marketing plan so that you can make changes to the aspects that aren’t providing you with the results that you desire.

Understanding the following terms will make you better equipped to discuss website analytics with your marketing experts, whether they are in-house or consultants.

Unique Visitors is the term used for the number of individual people who visit a website within a designated period of time.  To accurately count unique visitors, analysts try not to count return visits by the same visitor.  Visitors who block cookies may interfere with the accuracy of the estimate because they may be counted more than once.

Referrer is the URL (web address) of the link that brought a visitor to a particular page or site.  It is measured to help determine how visitors are finding a particular website or social media page.  A referrer can be internal (a link from another page of your website), external (a link from someone else’s website), or a search referrer (generated by a search engine).

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the number of times a link was clicked divided by the number of times that link was viewed within a designated period of time.  The links measured are typically advertisements, although they may be internal or external to your website.

Event is a term for any recorded action that is associated with a particular date and time.  Many different types of events can be tracked to determine how often a particular event results in a sale.  Events can include viewing a particular page, starting a transaction or clicking a particular link.

Conversion is the term used to describe when a visitor completes a target action.  This action may be the completion of a sale, booking an appointment or becoming a client.

Bounce (or single page view visit) is a term given to describe a visit that consists of only one page viewed one time.  The bounce rate can be calculated for a single page or for your entire website to determine how often visitors fail to become engaged with the content of your site.