Backlinks for the SEO Beginner

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“I did not start this business to focus on marketing! I started it because I love to…” That is a very common statement by millions of business owners around the globe. They typically say this after spending a few days or even weeks and months tackling the many tasks associated with marketing. They blog, they…

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Digital Marketing Simplified

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Is it just marketing via electronic devices (phones, computers, etc.), or is it online and offline? What is the point of it? What does it require? One expert said it is “promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.” However, they also…

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Convinced You Don’t Need a Marketing Agency? 10 Things to Consider

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Unless your business is marketing, you probably don’t want to dedicate many hours to the activities associated with it. Yet, a Small Business Trends report from 2017 indicated that most business owners spend around 20 hours each week on marketing. Although that same report noted that the “effort has paid dividends across several metrics…” the…

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