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Stop Wasting Time With Reputation Management

About that title…it’s not exactly solid business advice. In fact, you shouldn’t give it even an iota of validity. In this era of everything online, it is far more important to pay attention to your company’s reputation, or your own professional reputation, than ever before. It is also more difficult than ever before, and because of this, you should never waste time attempting it all on your own. It is not a solo project or do-it-yourself venture. Why? For quite a few reasons

How You Waste Time Attempting Reputation Management as DIY

First and foremost is that it takes so much time. After all, you are required to monitor an untold number of sites and sources that affect your reputation. Should even one of them have negative commentary, false information, identity theft, or any other issue that impacts your reputation, you then have to try to find a method of overcoming it.

Secondly, it is not just online. Reputation management happens via classic word of mouth as well as digital word of mouth. You are forced to somehow keep tabs on all of it, and then always have strategies or tools for undoing the most harmful information circulating about you or your firm.

Third, reputation management strategies are not just about comments and feedback. You must also compare your reputation to your competitors’, work on content strategies that boost your reputation as an authority and provide flawless products and customer service.

Lastly, the tactics necessary may not be as clear or simple in execution as you would like. For example, let’s take a single, common concern – negative feedback on a review site. That content cannot just go away. You cannot delete it, and most sites don’t delete such comments either. It must be slowly buried under a large number of positive comments, AND you have to handle the negative one properly. You must engage with the unhappy client or even the potential saboteur who is posting negative comments to impair your reputation. You must do this carefully in order to maintain the positive and favorable reputation and image you deserve.

All of this can take a lot of time and effort, and that is time and effort that you could be using towards everything from managing the business, expanding or researching products or services to offer, and ensuring your workforce (whether one or two or hundreds) has all it needs to succeed. Unfortunately, the average entrepreneur can find themselves buried in marketing and reputation management for a huge portion of their average work week.

So, stop wasting time on reputation management when there are experts who can figure out where your reputation took a hit, or two, and then design a strategy to overcome the issue. This is not going to be some free-standing activity but one integrated seamlessly into your overarching marketing strategy or plans. At SOAP Media, clients can turn to their array of services to boost site performance, restore reputation and generate highly desirable, long-term outcomes.