SEO Myths That Can Hurt Your Digital Marketing Efforts

1. Links are more important than content

Somehow some people get the idea that you need to focus on backlinks rather than quality content to rank higher in online searches. The truth is that content and links are interrelated. They are both just as important. Consider what happens if a user follows a link to your site only to be disappointed in the content? They'll go and likely never come back. Those are actions that can hurt your SEO strategy over time. Instead of focusing on the number of links to your site, ask an SEO agency to build you a plan that enhances the quality of these links and the content they point towards.

2. Mobile optimization is over-rated

Cell phone ownership has increased dramatically over the years. According to Pew Research, 97 percent of people in the U.S. own a phone, with 85 percent being a smartphone. In Canada, it is 84 percent, with over 30 million owning a smartphone. And that number is expected to get higher over the next few years. With numbers that high, it is wrong to think that you can overlook mobile optimization and still have a successful SEO strategy. Unless your SEO agency has a mobile component to your marketing strategy, you'll be missing out on local searches, internet traffic, and business.

3. Metadata impacts your SEO rankings

Metadata is an important factor in helping search engines find and sort your site pages, but it does not directly impact your SEO ranking. Algorithms track how many people find their way to your site and how long they stay there. Your ranking won't improve if you have metadata that attracts a lot of attention, but users bounce quickly. However, if you have the correct metadata that attracts the right users who don't leave your site quickly, you will earn a higher search ranking. It's more about providing value for your audience.

4. You need to get the keywords exactly right

When it comes to SEO searches, you might think you have to use the exact keyword phrases, or you won't turn up in the search. But that's another myth that could be hurting you. Working keywords into your copy can be awkward, especially if the phrase you are using doesn't fit well into the sentence structure. However, search engines are adept at making associations between keywords and a user's search. A skilled SEO agency knows how to fit keywords into your copy in a natural way that search engines can find and users will understand.

5. You need to hit your keyword ratio for a high rank

Some digital marketers still aim to find that sweet spot or keyword ratio in content. However, aiming for a certain ratio of keywords no longer helps your SEO rank. Furthermore, it could hurt it as the copy may not be as natural to read, and users will start bouncing from your site. The truth is that you want to use some keywords in your copy, but how many doesn't really matter. You need to work them in a way that users will find natural, not jarring or difficult to read. SEO agencies can help you create a keyword strategy that includes phrases and terms that help boost your rankings and your following.

6. Social media doesn't impact search ranking

The idea that social media and SEO are unrelated is false. Social media is a component of a good SEO strategy, which your agency should build. Although social platforms don't directly influence your search engine rank, they do get engagement, shares, and visits to your website. These things do have a direct influence on your ranking. Being successful on social media will increase the click-through rates that you earn. It can also expand your audience and help grow your business. To find out if you have a successful social media plan, ask your SEO agency. They should provide you with analytics and statistics that track the impact your digital marketing strategy has had in the social realm.

7. You don't need SEO tactics for photos

Most organizations understand that visual content is an essential element in any digital marketing strategy. But did you also know that you should employ SEO tactics for your images? Search engines use image names and URLs to understand the content. Optimizing your photos can help you attract a bigger audience. Also, stick to using file types supported by search engines like Google, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Including alt text for accessibility can also boost your SEO efforts if you stick to relevant keywords and make it as descriptive as possible.

8. SEO only needs to be done once

Some companies believe that after they've completed an SEO audit and made adjustments, they can sit back and wait for the clicks to roll in. Unfortunately, that is a myth. Optimization is an ongoing process, and you'll need to have a long-term strategy to be successful. Search engines change their algorithms to enhance their products, and your SEO agency will need to adjust your strategy so you don't miss out. Consider having an SEO audit done every year to stay competitive.

A winning SEO strategy

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