SEO Feedback from John Mueller of Google

In a recent interview, John Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst, gave some feedback on SEO or search engine optimization. For those attempting to get there web content ranking on Google's front page, this feedback may prove to be invaluable.

Page Ranking by Query

When asked about page ranking and the factors that play a part in a page's ranks, Mueller said, "I think it's tricky when you have something like top three ranking factors. Because things change so quickly and they vary from query to query and...time."

What does Mueller mean by this answer? Well, the reason that page rankings will vary by query is that some phrases may have more than one meaning. A query that is very specific such as, "top sushi restaurants in Charlotte, NC" will come back with a narrower range of results. However, a query like "best sushi" will pull a much broader range of pages.

The Importance of Title Tags

Meuller also discussed the importance of title tags saying, "a lot of times web developers when we talk to them, they're not aware of things like meta descriptions, meta titles and things like that being critical."

Title tags are one of the major factors used by the search engines in understanding exactly what each webpage is about. It should be thought of as a first impression, and it is used in three separate but important places. It shows up in your search engine results page, the web browser, and on social networks.

SEO Mythbusters

When Mueller was asked about a specific video that was created called SEO Mythbusters, he responded, "I wouldn't necessarily say that every website only needs to focus on those factors and then everything will be perfect."

Basically, Mueller wanted everyone to know that it isn't necessarily that the information is wrong, just that the world of SEO moves so quickly that it may not be relevant anymore. He made it clear that not all methods will work for all sites either; some niches will have different SEO needs and experiences.

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