Say No to Turnkey Blogs and Websites

It goes like this, you pay a fee, and for that fee you will get an e-commerce website that most of the time produces articles, videos, and news or basically any content you would find on a regular website. You will get a fully functioning website without all the time and effort it takes to build one yourself. Sounds awesome, huh?

Why Say no to Turnkey Websites

Not really. Turnkey websites, as they are called, aren’t what they sound like. While they are essentially pre-built websites, turnkey websites are a lot of talk without the benefits. You’ll hear that it’s so easy, you just pay a fee and you’ll start making cash from a website that you didn’t have to build. That should be a red flag. Instant success isn’t a thing, not in your personal life and not when it comes to profiting from your website or content.

Because a turnkey website is pre-built, that means that there is a large possibility that it was sold and sold again. Meaning that the website you are thinking about buying has probably already been bought by someone else, which means that it’s not unique. Being unique is exactly what you should be aiming for when it comes to your business website.

Pre-loaded content like blogs and images aren’t SEO friendly despite what pro-turnkey enthusiasts say. Google doesn’t like blogs that aren’t unique. Google also doesn’t like to index generated content that took less than 15 minutes to create. So don’t expect your website or business to rise the ranks of the search engine’s with a duplicate website. Since your website isn’t providing any new information, Google has no reason to increase your ranking. In order to make your page unique, you would have to swap out those images and blogs with original content and if you’re going to spend time doing this, you could just spend the time making a completely original website for your business instead.

Say Yes to Original Blogs and Websites

Yes, making a website can be time consuming and require some effort in order to make it unique, but in the end it’ll be worth it. Having a website that you won’t see anywhere else on the net is going to improve your SEO, unique visits, and conversions. Combine that with original blogs and articles and that is how you’re going to actually start making money (not with a generic, automated, overused turnkey website and content. Make a team for creating your website, another team for creating weekly blogs and infographics, and another team that’ll be in charge of tracking conversions and visits to your website.

The great thing about original content is that it can be targeted and created with SEO in mind in order to target a certain audience or potential customers. Originality gets you real opportunities and real results. Originality gets you a higher ranking in Google. If it were as easy to pay $200 for a website that will generate an “instant profit” then everyone would be doing it and making money. But not everyone is. Look at large brands and businesses and you’ll find a common element to their websites - they’re original. Any questions about having a unique and quality website? Ask SOAP Media for help.