Do I Need to Use Instagram for Marketing My Business?

With the ongoing evolution of content marketing and social media knowing what platforms to market on is very important. Businesses should always be looking for new ways to engage their customers and attract new ones. Social media is the best way to do that. However, some platforms are more user friendly than others. Instagram, for instance is really easy to use when your business wants to promote sales, discounts, and show off some behind-the-scenes photos. Because it is imaged based, high quality photos are essential.

You may not be sure if Instagram is worth all the time it will take to snap an image, edit it, and add the details to make it engagement-worthy. But we’re here to tell you it is. Instagram may seem like only niche businesses can succeed on it but that’s just not the truth. If you know what you’re doing, how to market your images, and how to choose images that represent your business or brand than you can definitely make waves on the platform.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is home to over 400 million active users and that number is only growing. According to Pew Research Center the number of adults using Instagram has doubled since 2012. The photo-sharing app has grown to be one of the most essential tools for brand awareness and building - and that is for EVERY kind of business.

With Instagram, businesses allow their audience to discover their visual identity and form a connection with them in that way. If your audience can find various ways to connect with your business then you’ll leave a lasting impression on them. Which is the ultimate goal for any marketer.

Instead of simply using text updates, Instagram focuses on visual imagery to attract likes and comments. This can add a very interesting dynamic for businesses that don’t normally do this type of content. It can be a chance to spread their wings and invite in new ways to share what their business has to offer to their audience.

While you can’t make a “business” profile per se, you have to be willing to make your account stand out amongst not only your competitors, but against regular Instagram users as well. This is why it’s so important to come up with a strategy for how you’ll use the app to promote your business or brand.

But, like with other social media platforms if you’re business isn’t willing to take the time to research what it is your audience wants on Instagram, create the right content, and appeal to their audience visually you won’t find success on the app. Instagram is all about having a strong presence. Without a strong presence you run the risk of being ignored or lost in the shuffle of similar businesses.

However, if you take Instagram as seriously as your other marketing efforts you can introduce your business to a new range of opportunities, a new set of potential customers, and bring awareness to your business in ways you can’t elsewhere. You can also use Instagram hashtags as a way to increase your SEO and reach potential. SEO may not seem like it has it’s place with Instagram but it definitely does.

So now that you know why you should use Instagram why you don’t you go ahead and boost your business with an SEO Ottawa marketing company like Soap Media.

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