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Meet Your Customers Where They Are: Pinterest Edition

Pinterest is often one of the most overlooked social media websites there is, which is a problem for many types of businesses. Gone are the days when Pinterest was filled with only a specific type of clientele – these days, more than 67% of Pinners are under 40, and men have been joining Pinterest at a rate of 120% in the past year. Close to half of all Pinners have six-figure household incomes, and more than 66% of all content on Pinterest is directly from a business.

With those kind of numbers, it’s hard to believe that any business, particularly one that operates within the popular Pinterest niches of home and garden, fashion, beauty, food and drink, and travel, wouldn’t be using this valuable corner to attract more customers. Here’s how you can optimize your Pins and use Pinterest to your advantage:

1. Include Pin Buttons On Your Website

Any time you post a blog entry, an updated product page, or an image showing your products or services in use, always include a “Pin It Button”. This addition will allow anyone who visits your website to save their favorite information so they can reference it again. If you use Rich Pins (and you should), your pinnable images will have information automatically attached, so that anyone who sees the Pin will also see your business name, a summary of the article, or any other information you’d like to include.

2. Focus on Keywords in Descriptions

While your product descriptions and Rich Pin data shouldn’t be filled with a long list of keywords, focusing on including strong, searchable keywords helps your images come up in searches. Hashtags don’t do anything on Pinterest, so there’s no need to use those. Just include good descriptive keywords that will grab plenty of traffic. For example: if you’re selling a dress called the Marilyn, make sure that your description includes words such as “short white party dress”, or anything else that applies.

3. Keep Your Links Updated

It’s important to be sure that your Pins are going to active web pages. You may need to search for your business name and products occasionally and be sure that all the links are going to the proper web pages.

4. Use Pinterest for Research

Pinterest is a great place to research what your target marketing is doing, what they like, what the latest trends are, and what might be popular in the next few weeks or months. Pinners use Pinterest to describe who they want to be – their boards are filled with home décor, crafts, fashion, fitness tips, and travel ideas for their ideal life. Businesses can tap into these desires, and use that information to help them create better marketing campaigns in the future.

At SOAP Media, we are experts at helping you dominate any market with keyword focus, marketing plans, and social media management. If you know that your business is perfect for the visual nature of Pinterest, but you haven’t had much luck growing your following, contact us today.