Why do Medium-Sized Companies Succeed When They Hire a Digital Marketing Firm?

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Digital marketing is vital to any business looking to grow, convert, and close sales. It not only determines how successful a business is but also how long it survives in the online world. One thing every business takes into consideration is how to both maximize time in an efficient way while staying within a healthy budget. This is especially true when a business is figuring out whether to hire a group of new employees or hire a digital marketing agency.

Something every business should keep in mind when it comes to online marketing is that whoever is on your marketing team should be able to show your audience and potential customers who you are, explain what your business does, and teach prospects how your business can help them.

So while you're deciding whether to keep your marketing team in-house or outsource we think you should keep these points in mind.

of decision makers believe that the biggest barrier is building a team with the necessary talent and skills (CMS Wire - https://www.cmswire.com/digital-workplace/hiring-employees-vs-hiring-agencies/)

Marketing Expertise

Hiring an in-house team can sometimes provide a limited perspective. A digital marketing agency can get you access to individual experience in SEO, social media marketing, PPC, blogs,  email campaigns, website development, developing strategies and graphic designers. It is much harder to find someone in-house or hire someone for your in-house team that can expertly handle all of these areas successfully. However, an outside team experienced in internet marketing will be able to give you a completely "outside of the box perspective" on what will work for your business. A digital marketing team is also up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and insights on how to implement them into your marketing strategy.


Cost Effective

When you hire someone in-house you're going to be paying anywhere from $30K-$80K a year for one person. However, when you hire a digital marketing firm you can easily pay less than that for a whole team of people. Once you lay out exactly what you're looking for you'll easily see how hiring an agency versus a DIY team can save you a hefty sum of money.



Hiring a digital marketing firm allows you stay on top of the important tasks and focus on productivity. These experts know the right questions to ask, how to implement the latest marketing trends, and won't lead you astray when it comes to your marketing strategy. With an outside team you are able to focus on other business related strategies while your digital team focuses on your internet marketing strategies.



With a digital marketing firm you not only get access to a large team to work on your online marketing you also get access to the latest technology and tools in the marketplace. This is important because most marketing departments aren't always aware of the latest technology on hand. Even if a marketing department does have access to new technology and tools they might not know how to leverage those tools in order to maximize your marketing efforts like a digital marketing firm would.



If you're ready to get your digital marketing strategy started you are going to need the right team to do it. With SOAP Media you'll get Digital Marketing Experts who will take you further in your marketing efforts and give you the results you desire.