Marketing for Flooring Companies | Tips the Pros Don’t Want You to Know

So, what exactly can you do to generate leads for YOUR flooring company and more importantly, how to do it? Below you will observe 4 of the most effective lead generation techniques for marketing flooring companies that are guaranteed to increase the number of leads you produce each month!

1. Create Targeted Landing Pages

A landing page is the first thing that you should use to generate leads for any business. Research shows that using up to 15 landing pages can increase lead generation by 55%. The number of leads generated is directly associated with the number of pages. More landing pages mean more leads!


Landing pages are customized, targeted and focus on a single flooring product (hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, etc.) as opposed to your website's home page that focuses on all the flooring products and services you offer. Create multiple landing pages for different flooring services. Each landing page should have one offer. Creating multiple landing pages isn't very challenging (we promise). You can do it easily with any landing page builder (e.g. Instapage, unbounce).

When you run an ad campaign or any marketing campaign, send traffic to the most relevant landing page for lead generation. Use multiple variations of the landing page in on-going A/B tests and see what works best in terms of conversions.

To boost lead generation and the conversion rate of your landing pages, make sure they are optimized for mobile and have the following elements:

    • Create a powerful headline
    • Have a video or an image or both
    • The copy needs to be top-notch
    • Focus on the benefits of your flooring service instead of features
    • Add a CTA above-the-fold
    • Add testimonials and/or social proof
    • Make your service and offer clear right at the top of the landing page (preferably above-the-fold)
    • Add white space - a lot of it
    • Keep the form short. Refrain from asking details you don't need.
    • Make CTAs prominent.

2. Use Visualizers

Let your work generate leads by persuading potential customers. Show your best work and it will generate some of the best leads for your flooring company.

Use photos of your past work on your website, blog, landing page, brochures, and other marketing collateral. Create a separate page for visualizers on your website to showcase images. Here is an example:

Visuals are best for generating leads for your flooring company for the fact that seeing is believing. Research shows that people spend 10% more time looking at visuals on a website as compared to reading text.


Because humans are visual learners. Our brain likes images more than text. Your brain processes images 60K times faster.

Here is how you should use visuals to generate more leads for your flooring company:

    • Take high quality photos of products and finished flooring projects
    • Better yet, record videos as well
    • Create a new page on your website and add all the visuals on that page
    • Share visuals on social platforms
    • Add them to your blog posts and other content types with a link to your visual page
    • Share the link of the visual page with your customers, contacts, and add it on marketing collateral

The idea is to have a dedicated page for visuals and then promote it. Make sure it reaches your ideal customers because that's how it will generate leads for your flooring company.

3. Publish Quality Content

The content you create and publish is one of the biggest lead generation sources for your flooring company. Think of blog posts, infographics, videos, images, photos, eBooks, lead magnets, podcasts, etc.

Content marketing is reported to be the third most commonly used lead generation strategy and is used by 83% of B2B marketers. You can generate 3x more leads with content as opposed to outbound marketing with 62% less cost.

Creating and publishing quality content should be your top priority. Here is an overview of how you can create content that will generate leads on complete autopilot:

    • Identify relevant keywords and topics from buyer personas
    • Make sure your content addresses and solves a problem
    • Find top-performing content on your target keywords in Google
    • Use the 10x content technique to create better content than the existing content
    • Publish content on your blog and promote it
    • Repurpose blog content and convert it into other forms such as videos, infographics, social media snippets, lead magnets, email series, PPT, PDF, etc.

Content repurpose is essential for lead generation because it lets you reach a new audience across multiple platforms. For instance, when you convert a blog post into PPT and publish it on SlideShare, you will be able to reach a chunk of your audience that specifically likes PPT and might never see or read your blog post.

People prefer consuming different types of content based on their preferences. This is where repurposing content does the trick. You can use a single content piece to target different audience segments.

The content doesn't have to be promotional. You don't have to promote your flooring company rather you need to help and educate your audience. Solve a problem. This is how you'll build trust and credibility, and generating leads won't be an issue anymore.

4. Build Relationships with Local Contractors

One of the best ways to generate leads for your flooring business is to build relationships with local businesses and contractors. Networking is essential for your flooring business as it lets you connect with the right people and businesses that will send leads your way.

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 80% of professionals rate networking essential for career success. Networking leads to new opportunities including business deals, finding new customers, generating leads, etc.

As a flooring company, you need to build relationships with:

    • Property Developers
    • Real estate agents
    • Home Builders
    • Handymen
    • General Contractors
    • Suppliers
    • Maintenance and Repair Contractors

You don't have to necessarily ask your contacts to send customers your way; rather you just have to stay in contact with them. And they're sure to recommend you whenever they find an opportunity. Your company has to be in the minds of your network and it should be the first flooring company that should come to their mind whenever there is a conversation about flooring, flooring services, or flooring products.

It's like you're having brand ambassadors who talk about your company and recommend it to their customers and contacts.

Not only networking and having relationships with local contractors will help you generate leads but it is a great way to improve brand awareness.


Lead generation is a continuous process. You have to develop a strategy for generating leads from multiple touch points. Once you start getting leads for your flooring company, you need to test and tweak different techniques.

See what lead generation technique works best and how you can further improve it.

Of course, generating leads is just the beginning. Converting leads into sales is the next big thing. If you're unable to convert leads into sales, survival becomes tough.

Make sure you have a complete system for nurturing and closing leads that you generate through these techniques.

If you are still struggling with lead generation for your flooring company, contact SOAP Media for a free 20 minute phone consultation so we can help you gain the qualified leads you need to succeed!