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Learn how Whiteboard Explainer Videos convert more traffic to your site and how to get one for your business

Whiteboard Explainer Videos are short animated videos that resemble a person drawing on a whiteboard. The results look similar to your high school sports coach using a whiteboard to explain a particular strategy or play. The videos can be used to clearly demonstrate concepts that can be difficult to explain using only words, such as interactions between multiple individuals or the various steps in a long process.

Businesses are using Whiteboard Explainer Videos to explain how a product works, how their services can be used to solve a particular problem for the client, or how an ongoing relationship between the business and the client can benefit the client. Click on the following video created for SOAP Media.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos have been shown to both help with search engine optimization and convert more site visitors to sales. How do they accomplish this?

  1. Whiteboard Explainer Videos provide a visual demonstration of your message. Some people retain information best when it is presented to them orally, but others prefer information to be presented visually. Whiteboard Explainer Videos use both oral and visual information to present your message, meaning that you can reach a wider audience more effectively.
  2. A pictorial representation of your message will increase both message comprehension and message retention by your audience. You can get your message across more easily and effectively to your potential clients, which results in an increased number of conversions.
  3. Whiteboard explainer videos use storytelling principles and pictures to grab and hold the interest of potential customers, similar to a child’s picture book. They are used to explain a particular point rather than to directly sell a product or service. As such, they are easier for potential customers to relate to. They can provide your business with an easy and quick way to engage the interest of potential clients or customers.
  4. Posting an explainer video to YouTube can be a great way to increase links to your website, which can further increase your Google search ranking.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos are less expensive than many other video production methods. They provide maximum impact with minimal production cost. At SOAP Media, we have the expertise to create Whiteboard Explainer Videos that will convert more traffic to your site and convert more site visitors to satisfied customers.

Contact SOAP Media today at 613-302-9051 to discuss the production of a Whiteboard Explainer Video for your business.