How to tell if your digital marketing agency is delivering!

A report commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that during COVID, digital ad spending increased by over 12 percent. And it is expected to rise to over $455 billion this year. With high dollars set aside in company budgets, you'll want to ensure you are getting a good return-on-investment (ROI) from your digital marketing agency.

Here are a few of the key ways to can tell if your agency is delivering the results you need.


You hired an agency because you needed a proactive team on your side. If all they do is follow through on your instructions without offering up some new, fresh ideas, you are missing out. A good digital marketing agency will prove its aptitude by developing innovative ways to help you succeed and grow.


There are many different types of marketing, and you'll need to find an agency with the capabilities you need. It starts by understanding what your organization wants from a digital marketing strategy. Are you moving from more traditional advertising to digital? Do you want to expand your reach with social media ads? Knowing what you need in an agency can help focus your search.


Keep in mind that your use of a digital marketing agency is a business decision. It would be best if you analyzed it based on the results, not on how friendly and nice they've been. Look at reports, statistics, and your company's analytics to see how the agency has performed since you've been working with them. If your digital marketing efforts are not in line with your business goals, then it is time to switch agencies.


Good communication is a must-have for your digital marketing agency. You should expect that they will be transparent with their plan for your organization and that they will stay in touch as it progresses. If there are ongoing issues with missed calls, unaddressed issues, or client neglect of any kind, it is clear they are not meeting your needs.


When you are working with a digital marketing agency that puts in additional effort to help uncover opportunities for your business, you'll know it. You can measure this extra value in a number of ways, including your marketer's willingness to explain concepts that you don't understand, researching a competitor, taking a little more time on a campaign, or providing you with an additional report. All of these will give you the edge when it comes to your digital marketing efforts.

If your digital marketing agency seems to fall short on more than one or two of these categories, it might be in your business's best interest to leave for one who can meet your needs.

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