How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Why? Did you know that there are more than 950 million websites? Clearly, not all are your competition, but a lot of them are. So, you cannot just "blend in". To start learning how to make your brand stand out means doing some assessments of your brand now.

Assess Your Quirks

What typically makes you remember someone or something? It is often the characteristics that are very unique from others. As a simple example, that boy or girl you grew up with who had a face full of freckles. You remember that distinction. So, what are yours? They don't have to be physical such as elegant design or bold colors. It could be that your content is very funny, entertaining or informative. It could be that your product or service has a very unusual twist (you remember the Blend All blenders).

To learn how to make your brand stand out means looking for everything that is utterly unique about it. Don't forget that quirks don't have to be big, dramatic and distinct. The things that help set you apart can include your story or style.

Keep It Together

Nothing actually weakens a brand more than inconsistency. An example would be two or three logo variations on social media, blogs and web pages. Different colors or fonts are also inconsistent. Just think of the logos for Coke, Apple and Virgin Airlines. You know their logos, colors and fonts. If they were different all of the time, they wouldn't be strong or stand apart. Make sure your brand is strong and consistent.

Think Client Experience

Experts in marketing call it client experience workflow. However, if you want to learn how to make your brand stand out, you do need to do this. What is it? It means mapping out how every client experiences your site or business. Literally draw a map showing their first encounter (like an email or a social media click). Show the path each line follows to the desired outcome. How does this help to make your brand stand out? It ensures consistency, good flow, and supports optimal communication.

If all clients are headed on the same path, seeing similar pages, messages and images, it makes your brand stronger.

Get Discovered

In the end, getting discovered is a reason to learn how to make your brand stand out. You may want to emphasize social media platforms for this. After all, 15% of consumers trust brands, but 90% trust the word of others. So, make sure your brand stands out, and then get it out on social media. This way, the brand is built up in the strongest way, and that means success.