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How To Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly

Anything that makes your writing more inviting and user-friendly to the reader will generally also make a blog post more SEO friendly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while generating new content for your blog.

    1. Add fresh content regularly

You want a search engine to perceive your blog or website as active and the way to accomplish this is to add new and original content on a regular basis. Regular blog posts are a great way to add fresh content.

    1. Use headings and short paragraphs

Headings and short, effective paragraphs make it easier for the reader to read and understand your blog post. You will be more likely to keep your visitors’ attention and search engines will find it easier to determine what your post is about. Headings are a great place to include your keywords.

    1. Write longer blog posts

The theory here is that a search engine algorithm will perceive a longer article as more informative and more useful to visitors. We try to make our blog posts at least 400-500 words, however, 1000-2000 words are great, as long as you don’t sacrifice readability or become repetitive.

    1. Add images, video or infographics

Photos, maps, diagrams, videos and infographics can all help you to communicate with your readers and are a great supplement to your written content. Original images are particularly important if your goal is to have readers share your post through social media sites like Pinterest.

    1. Use the right keywords in the right places

Longer strings of keywords, known as long-tail keywords, tend to generate less traffic, but the traffic they do generate is more likely to convert to a sale or a new client because your post is more likely to be a precise fit for what visitors are searching. Include your keywords in your URL, your blog title, headings and image names and descriptions. Include keywords in the body of your writing as well, but don’t go overboard.

    1. Encourage readers to share your post and add comments

Both you and Google want to see your readers become engaged with your blog posts. Make it easy for readers to share your posts through social media by incorporating social media buttons in convenient locations. Invite readers to add comments by asking a specific question at the end of your post. Respond to questions from readers with thoughtful and informed replies.