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Like many other consumers, potential clients in search of a lawyer are frequently turning to the Internet to aid in their search. Search engines and online referrals are two of the main resources that potential clients are using to decide which lawyer or law firm to hire. Just having a website is not enough to ensure that your law firm will capture the attention of these prospective clients.

Soap Media designs comprehensive online marketing programs for lawyers and law firms that generate quality leads. Your law firm is looking for quality leads that can be converted into clients whose needs match your firm’s services. This requires more than just a website. Your firm needs an online marketing strategy.

Soap Media can design a strategy to meet the marketing goals of your firm. We understand that all law firms are unique and require our personal attention, but most firms will benefit from a few of the following services:

1. Designing or redesigning your website.

If your firm doesn’t yet have a website, now is the time to have one made. It’s never too late to start developing an online presence. As more potential clients are relying on the Internet to find a lawyer, your online presence may become vital to your firm’s ongoing well-being.

If you already have a website, it may benefit from some improvements. Does your website contain broken links or out-of-date material? Is it easy to use? Does it work on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet? Does it need a fresh look? Soap Media can advise you on whether a design up-date might help your firm attract new clients.

2. Attracting new clients through Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows potential clients to find your website by lacing keywords throughout your website that potential clients are likely to type into a search engine if they are searching for a lawyer. Soap Media is experienced at implementing SEO for lawyers and law firm websites. We know what keywords to use and how to use them to ensure that search engines are directing quality leads to your website.

3. Keeping your online content fresh and relevant.

Attracting potential clients to your firm’s website should only be one of your marketing goals. Quality content that is relevant and frequently updated is the key to turning potential clients into new clients.

4. Designing and implementing a social media strategy.

Your firm’s involvement in social media and blogging can be a huge boost to your firm’s online presence. A blog with two entries per year or a sporadically updated Facebook page is not going to attract any positive attention from potential clients.

Soap Media understands that your lawyers might be too busy practicing law to write this week’s blog entry or to tweet about that new Supreme Court of Canada decision. We can not only advise you on the best social media strategy for your firm, we can help you to execute that strategy.

5. Monitoring the progress so we can reevaluate your online marketing strategy.

Soap Media can monitor the effectiveness of any strategies that we put in place to increase your firm’s online profile. This will help us to constantly reevaluate your online marketing plan and make adjustments as needed. This monitoring and adjustment process allows Soap Media to ensure that the leads that are being generated by your marketing strategy are of the highest quality. Monitoring the success of your marketing plan will also enable you to see exactly how effective Soap Media is at generating new clients for your law firm. Call us today for a free consultation and learn how we can increase your revenue. Call now at 613-818-3499.