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Sales can be a tough industry. The soaring popularity of the Internet and social media may have made it even tougher; it has unquestionably changed the landscape for anyone involved in sales. Savvy customers have done their research before engaging with a sales representative. They know what they want, how much they want to spend and how they want to purchase it. If your business can’t provide exactly what your customers want, they know a site online that can. Today’s customers are in control.

Generating leads is no longer enough to maintain the number of sales that your business needs. A more sophisticated strategy is necessary in order to generate and nurture leads that will end in a sale. Unfortunately, many small businesses find it difficult to dedicate the time and energy necessary to generate quality leads.

According to Statistics Canada, at least 80% of the Canadian population engages in online activity. Yet, according to a 2013 RBC poll of Canadian small businesses, less than 50% of these businesses have their own website. This leaves an incredible opportunity for Canadian small businesses to generate and nurture new and quality sales lead by creating or expanding their online presence.

Even customers who want to purchase goods or services in person will often research their purchases online first. They will use the information they find online to determine where and when they will make that purchase. If your business has a minimal online presence, your potential customers are making their purchasing decisions based on information from others, including your competitors.

At Soap Media, we can develop a strategy for increasing lead generation for your business to put you in contact with more potential customers. In order to do this, we will use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing techniques tailored to your particular needs. Inbound marketing techniques, which are geared towards helping potential customers find your business, may include:

Website development:

If your business does not yet have a dedicated website, then now is the time to have one developed. Ideally, your website should facilitate the conversion of casual browsers into leads. Simply providing a phone number for potential customers to call is likely not enough. More sophisticated options such as live chat, online purchasing, booking appointments online, and providing high-quality content can all help to convert your website’s audience into solid leads.

Content generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Even if your business already has a website, it will likely benefit from ongoing content generation and Search Engine Optimization. The creation of new and quality content that is geared towards your potential customers is how those potential customers are drawn to your website in the first place.

Social Media:

Recent survey results from the Media Technology Monitor suggest that almost 70% of Canadian Internet users make use of social media regularly, and this number is growing. We can help you use social media to create a trusting relationship between your business and your potential customers.


A good blog with current content that is relevant to your potential customers and uses SEO can help to draw potential customers to your website, where they can be converted to leads.

Outbound marketing techniques, which typically involve delivering a direct message (“buy this product!”) to potential customers, may include:

Email marketing:

Sending your message directly to potential customers can be particularly effective if the recipients have requested to be on your mailing list. These potential customers have already shown an interest in your business and are more likely to turn into genuine leads and sales. The best way to encourage interest in your business’ mailing list is to provide interesting and useful content. You can offer to send out a monthly newsletter or simply offer to advise potential clients by email when new products or services become available.

Display advertisements:

At Soap media, we can help you to target more qualified potential customers using display ads. Ads can be targeted based on particular customer demographics or behaviours, depending on your needs. Once a potential client finds your website, cookies are used to ensure that your ads show up on the subsequent pages that this potential customer visits.

Sponsored search engine results:

This can be a great way to generate leads because a link to your website will show up in response to search engine queries based on specific keyword sequences that you choose. We have the SEO experience necessary to ensure that your choice of keywords attracts the most qualified potential customers, generating quality leads.

This list of marketing techniques is by no means exhaustive. At Soap Media we will suggest whichever marketing techniques are best suited to meeting your lead generation needs. We can also provide you with an in-depth website analysis, which can demonstrate how effective our techniques are at generating high-quality leads for your business.

Soap Media can help you to grow your business by taking advantage of a full range of online marketing techniques to create or enhance your online presence and generate quality leads.