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How Digital Marketing Has Evolved

It is entirely possible to say that digital marketing could not develop until search engines like Google appeared, too. That was only back in 1998, but digital marketing since then has evolved in some profound ways. Veering distinctly away from what many had seen as classic marketing (print ads, brochures and pamphlets, yellow page ads and TV or radio “spots”), digital marking has radically altered how any business goes about promoting and/or selling products and services. If you are interested in some digital marketing in Ottawa, you can benefit from learning a bit about the evolution of digital marketing.

After all, you may have yet to dip a toe in digital marketing and feel that the many steps involved are a bit beyond your grasp. Do you blog? What do you blog about? What are these “keywords” you need to research? What is a PPC ad? Fortunately, whether you require digital marketing in Ottawa or anywhere else, there are plenty of resources to help, including experienced experts in SEO in Ottawa, such as SOAP Media.

A Brief Look at Digital Marketing Changes

Before we look at what they can do, let’s just take a quick review of the most fundamental changes in digital marketing to date. If we were to summarize the ways that digital marketing evolved, we could use a few key points to do so:

• Google keeps getting smarter and of higher quality in terms of search results
• SEO in Ottawa (and everywhere else) developed into a far more sophisticated “essential cog in a greater machine powered by other strategies and channels.”
• Public relations has been far more empowered thanks to digital marketing in Ottawa and elsewhere
• Social media has developed as a main component of marketing, alongside excellent SEO in Ottawa
• Most importantly, the evolution of digital marketing in Ottawa and all other parts of the world has allowed marketing to become far less aggressive

As a simple illustration of these points, consider how your campaign for SEO in Ottawa might develop. It would not involve anyone using a “best guess” at keyword choices but instead involve complex assessments of your focus and goals, your competition and your current position in the industry. If you needed digital marketing in Ottawa, it would be built with Google’s algorithm at its core, but would use platforms such as your website, blog, online ads, content (which could include everything from articles and eBooks to video productions and podcasts), and more.

In the past, you would have been unable to easily or affordably tap into a wide or even global market. However, with a thoughtfully developed marketing strategy, including SEO for Ottawa and your coverage area, website development, carefully chosen paid ads, social media and all of the other components of digital marketing, you can really step up your game.

If you are eager to see how the many changes and improvements in SEO can be used to nurture your company’s goals or growth, turn to resources like SOAP Media, specializing in online success for businesses of all kinds.