Has Organic SEO Changed Over the Years?

Whether you have a long established website or are only now making plans to develop an online presence, you need to know a bit about SEO. Scratch that! You don’t need to know a bit about SEO, you need to know a lot about it.

Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever. According to one source, “the number of searches on Google keeps growing, interest in SEO remains massively higher than other forms of web marketing, and the field is far less distrusted than even a few years ago.” Add to that the rapid expansion of mobile devices and searches, and you have a hefty amount of pressure for ranking high in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) at all times.

Yet, some statistics point to a bit of a decline in organic SEO. This is the method of SEO that gets you good placement on SERPs, but without using an paid methods. It is driven exclusively by the search engine algorithms and usually emphasizes keywords and premium content.

Today, there is a lot more going on behind any successes with organic SEO. For example, a recent report on the issue pointed out that “on page optimization” alone has felt the impact of semantic search and machine learning, meaning that your pages might end up ranking highly for lots of related keywords and not only those that you used when seeking to optimize the page.

As that report stated, “previously it was all about optimizing existing landing pages based on search volume and striking distance, SEO today is a mixture of optimizing existing content and creating, optimizing and amplifying new content that meets end-users’ needs to enforce your brand and capture social signals and links.”

There is also such issues as the devices used, whether you are optimizing for a local search, what you are doing with social media, and the quality of the links you have pointing to and from your site.

Your Best Next Steps

Even if you studied SEO around seven to ten years ago, it is an entirely different world. In fact, in just the past three to five years it has had to transform thanks to the rise of mobile browsing and review sites that emphasize local search results. Are you prepared to adapt your SEO methods and site, or adjust your thinking on everything from keywords to social media schedules to get the best results?

Perhaps you feel entirely overwhelmed by the very idea of such intense focus on just one area of your marketing and business success? If so, you are not unlike millions of others. Although most website owners know all about SEO, few are prepared for the level of effort, planning and analysis it takes to achieve greatness within it, and yet it is a crucial part of success. If your firm is entirely online, it is almost the foundation of your success (or failure)!

Because few of us get into business to become world-class SEO experts and marketers, it is a good idea to turn to knowledgeable experts for help with your organic SEO and paid marketing methods. At SOAP Media you can ensure your business appears at the top of the SERPs that matter most. Use their free SEO report to see how you measure up and learn how to make improvements immediately.