Facebook Ads Not Performing? Here’s Why

So, you've created the perfect Facebook ad. The photos are good, and you've perfected your copy. Yet, it just isn't getting the conversions you want. The impressions are where you want them to be, and people are clicking...but no one is buying.

It leaves you scratching your head, wondering what you did wrong.

If you aren't getting the results that you are looking for it could be one of these five reasons:

#1 You are Using the Wrong Approach

For many marketers, especially those that have figured out how to dominate with AdWords, Facebook is more of a struggle. When using AdWords, you have to focus on the "searcher's intent," but that same approach doesn't work with Facebook.

Facebook users aren't looking for products or services the majority of the time they are using the platform. They are sharing, looking at photos, commenting on other people's updates, keeping up with the new, and playing games.

Your approach to Facebook ads should include creating several offers that create brand awareness, lead generations, and then conversions.

#2 You aren't Targeting Your Audience

Targeting the right audience is crucial when working in Facebook ads. When you are building brand awareness you can go a little broader, but when you are focusing on trying to get conversions, you are really going to need to target your exact customer.

Patience is also key here. You will need to nurture your leads because people need to see a brand, on average, 6-8 times before they are willing to pull the trigger and click buy.

#3 You're Ignoring Your Relevance Score

The Facebook Relevance Score will take a look at your targeted audience and determines how relevant your ad or message might be to those people. The better your score, the better you are doing at targeting the right people.

The good thing about relevance is that even if your ad isn't completely stellar, if you are targeting the right people, if your ad is relevant, you will still get conversions.

#4 Your Message Doesn't Match

One of the reasons your ad may be underperforming is that your message doesn't match. There needs to be an alignment between the headline of your ad, the copy, and the imagery. Plus, all that stuff in your ad also needs to line up with your landing page.

It is very common for businesses to mess this up. They create this great ad with a clickable headline, but when potential customers click through, excited about the content, it doesn't line up. Don't use a generic ad and expect to get people to buy, and don't do a bait and switch and expect people to buy.

#5 Your Ad Isn't Creative

Your generic AdWords ad may work just fine. It is simple and contains the right keywords so people click it. However, that isn't how things work on Facebook. You have to get those people scrolling through their timelines to stop and take notice.

You need a creative, eye-catching, and succinct headline. One that is preferably around five words long. You need engaging visual content like a video or great photo, and you need to limit the copy. Social media users, in general, aren't interested in reading a whole lot.

At SOAP Media, we know Facebook ads can be challenging, but we are here to help. Let our social media experts help you develop your Facebook marketing strategy.