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Everything You Need to Know about SEO And Digital Marketing in 2017

It’s the first few weeks of 2017 and digital marketers everywhere are looking to a new year with excitement. By now you should have reviewed the lessons learned in 2016 and used those to draft a few ideas for how your company will succeed in digital marketing in 2017. This year should be about staying one step ahead of your competition. Whether that be in sales, marketing, content creation, or all of the above.

With a new year on the horizon there is an abundance of new tools, technology, and trends at your disposal. Whether or not these tools and technology actually pan out for your business all depends on how you use them. While no one can really predict what 2017 has in store in the digital marketing and SEO world, there are a few things we believe you should look out for and employ as you begin to sink your teeth into digital marketing this year.

More Video Content

Video advertising is all over streaming networks like Hulu, on social media giants like Youtube, and now Google has announced it will start allowing in-SERP video advertising. Not only is video advertising going to be huge in 2017, the whole video advertising game is going to change as the year continues. There is a growing acceptance of video ads among consumers and platforms like Facebook have already embraced video, which you can see easily by looking at your timeline.

Live video is also going to continue to grow in popularity throughout 2017. Whether your go-to platform is Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram live video will certainly dominate your streams. As a marketer you’ll definitely want to get in on the action by using live video to add more personality to your content. Behind-the-scenes footage or product announcements can be ways to stand out on a timeline full of content. Live video is also a unique tool for personal branding. With many experts saying personal branding is going to be a key for SEO dominance.

Big Data

Predictive analytics and customer insights are a few concepts that make up big data. Because one-on-one experiences with customers is becoming more prevalent, big data allows for a more personalized customer and marketing experience. With big data, companies can identify ways to convert using customer personalities and behavior.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is going to dominate desktop in 2017. Over the last few years we’ve seen users increasingly use mobile over desktop and we’ve also seen Google phase out websites that aren’t optimized for mobile. What does this mean for marketers? Mobile optimization and search should be at the top of their lists. This also means that Accelerated Mobile Pages are needed in order to ensure mobile users have easier access to web pages.

It’s not easy to predict what the marketing world and search engine giants will really have in store for us in the coming year but it’s likely that these trends are here to stay for the next year and beyond. Each aiding companies with their personal development and connection with consumers, while helping them stay on top of their SEO game.