Don’t Send PPC Visitors to Your Homepage – Do This Instead

One of the biggest mistakes that a business can make in the PPC funnel is to direct click-throughs to their home page. This is a great way to kill your PPC marketing efforts before you get the sale. Instead, your PPC ads should be leading visitors to a unique landing page, optimized for your PPC campaign. Here’s why.

Your home page is designed to lead organic visitors to the many places they need to go. Existing customers will find a place to log in; returning customers will find news about sales or new products; brand new customers will find information about your brand. Did you notice what isn’t listed? Anything related to your PPC campaign!

A PPC landing page is customized to match the offer made in your PPC ad. The visitors who click on these ads are on a mission. They saw something in your ad that they liked or needed, and it is that that they expect to find on the very next page. A good PPC landing page can be many different things, depending on your ultimate conversion goal, and what your advertisement offered. Here are some characteristics of PPC landing pages that sell.

PPC Landing Pages Should Match PPC Ad Copy

This one seems obvious, but it is also one of the most ignored tips. We’ve already mentioned the reason behind this. Customers who click on advertisements saw something they wanted, and you need to provide it to them. If your ad was an offer for a free eBook, for example, then your PPC landing page should be the sign-up form that earns them the book.

Focus on Generating Action, Not Informing

Landing pages are not the same as detailed About pages. At this stage, you are attempting to get a potential customer to take action. You may want to collect their email address, make a sale, get them to subscribe to your blog, or many other actions. Whatever your goal is, be sure that this is the focus of your landing page. The content should focus on the benefit of taking the action.

Add an Emotional Connection

Never underestimate the power of emotions to drive action. Testimonials, blurbs from great reviews, and similar content can really drive home why a potential customer needs to take action now. You should also consider displaying your credentials, performance figures, or past big-name clients, if those apply to how you boost your customers’ confidence.

Always Testing

PPC ads are constantly being tweaked and tested to find the magic formula for the most clicks. Your PPC landing page should be constantly tested in the same way. Consider trying a longer, more informative page (perhaps with infographics or videos), to learn if your ad followers are more responsive to this. Consider removing all other navigation buttons to the rest of your site, to reduce any chance that your click-throughs will fail to convert. There are many ways to optimize your landing page, and all are worth a go.

Before you can use these industry tricks for creating great landing pages for your PPC campaigns, you have to have PPC ads! If you aren’t exploiting this marketing strategy, we can help. Learn more about our PPC services here. We are recognized as a top Paid Media & Pay Per Click Company on DesignRush