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Do You Need To Rethink The Way Your Business Uses Social Media?

The use of social media in any business’ marketing scheme is mandatory these days. Many people are so tied into the Internet that they are rarely exposed to the traditional venues for marketing such as print media, radio or even cable television.

Unfortunately, while many businesses have recognized the need to incorporate social media into their overall marketing strategy, some businesses have failed to realize that social media is different from traditional marketing and advertising methods. If you are trying to use Facebook to advertise your business the same way you use magazines or on the radio, you are missing out on a lot of marketing opportunities.

Here are some signs that your business may not be using social media tools as effectively as it could:

  1. The employee in charge of social media marketing was given that role because they understand social media, not necessarily because they understand anything about marketing. While the new intern at your company may be the best versed in the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools, this person may not be as familiar with your company or your marketing goals. At the very least, have the intern work together with the rest of your marketing team to develop relevant content for use on social media sites.
  2. Your social media marketing is an afterthought, rather than part of a cohesive marketing strategy. The person or people in charge of your social media marketing should be working closely with the rest of your marketing team. The message that you are sending out through social media should fit in with your company’s overall message. Social media is important and can be incredibly effective. If you are letting it play second fiddle to more traditional forms of marketing, then you are likely missing out on some excellent marketing opportunities.
  3. Your content is restricted to traditional advertising. Social media is ideal for creating conversations and building relationships. If you use social media properly, it will allow you to build more enduring relationships with customers and clients than would any form of traditional advertising.
  4. You are not keeping track of your success with social media You will never fully understand how effective your social media marketing strategy is unless you analyze the results. You can do this by tracking how often your posts are shared, liked, or retweeted.

Only by tracking the results of your business’ social media use can you develop the most effective marketing strategy possible.