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A brand can be a combination of names, symbols, tone, style, colour scheme and other features that distinguish your blog from other blogs on similar topics. Why do you need to think about branding your blog? Because readers will perceive your blog as having a brand whether you designed it or not. Chances are that if you don’t design a specific brand for your blog, the “default” brand will not give the impression you are hoping for.

Branding your blog is distinct from branding the products or services that your business provides, but your blog’s brand should be closely tied to your overall marketing strategy and to the branding of your business’ products or services.

How do you brand your blog? Determine how your blog can be different from other blogs on similar topics and use that difference to design your brand. It is important that you are offering your readers and potential clients something they can’t get anywhere else. This will involve identifying your competitors. Consider not just your business competitors, but also others who have blogs on a similar topic despite not being directly in competition with your business.

Consider the goals of your blog, the content you intend to share with readers and how you want to interact with these potential customers or clients. Do you want your blog to be entertaining or funny? Do you want your blog to be informative and to provide customers with information about the use and value of your products? Do you intend for your blog to answer questions commonly asked by clients?

It is important to narrow down the objectives of your blog. Trying to accomplish too many goals with your blog will confuse readers. Keeping a consistent tone and writing style throughout your blog will make your brand clear to your readers.

There will likely be visual aspects to your blog’s brand as well. Using the same names, colour schemes and style from your business website, online catalogues, and other advertising venues will tie your blog to your business in the minds of your readers.

Patience is important when developing a brand for your blog. Brands aren’t developed in a day. They happen over time as you keep your message and content consistent. A successful blog requires a lot of upkeep and new content. Just be sure that your new content doesn’t change your message.

A successful blog can help your business by introducing new products, attracting new clients or providing customer service. Having a distinct brand will help you to meet the goals you have for your business blog.