Current Digital Marketing Trends Emphasize Social Media Advertising

While that is undoubtedly a key component of social media advertising, it is essential to recognize where this fits into the overall digital marketing strategy. How can a business go about using social media marketing and advertising effectively, and more importantly, how does it help to achieve overall business goals?

Start at SEO

If you have already been working on a digital marketing strategy, you know that Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves everything from content to meta tags. It is a vast and complicated machine, even when for a small or straightforward sort of business or site. It relies heavily on "algorithms" that determine where your site's URL ends up in search engine results.

An essential factor to remember, though, is that many major social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, also have algorithms that help boost the results of marketing efforts. There is the apparent backlinking from a blog or post on social media to a business website, as well as the authority that comes from a lot of shares and backlinks from social media content.

However, many social media sites also now rely on algorithms that reward pages with authentic conversations and exchanges. What this means is simple; use social media in a back-and-forth, social way, and fill your feed with informative, entertaining, and engaging content, and you'll see results.

Forgo the traditional clickbait, keyword "stuffing" and seek to get comments and shares, and marketing goals become readily attainable.

A Few Trends to Consider

And while developing a basic social media advertising strategy is a great place to start improving your overall marketing success, here are a few trends that emerged throughout 2019 and which are anticipated to continue into the coming years:

• Influencing via micro-influencers - An article at Medium said that a micro-influencer would "make up for the gap between being interested in influencer marketing and having the right budget to try it out." While they don't have millions of followers, they will have tens of thousands ideal for your brand

• Use storytelling as a sales channel - Social media allows an affordable way to provide potential customers with a unique portrait of the product or service via options like "stories," video, imagery, shared or cultivated content and more. Don't miss out on this approach to social media advertising and marketing, and one of the most appealing methods of offering a call to action.

• Centralize via messaging - The demographics are changing, and millennials, as well as Gen Z consumers, will prefer messaging apps to interact with content

These are only a few of the social media advertising trends to note, and when you are ready to learn how to engage most fully using a strategy of this kind, it is time to turn to SOAP Media and its team of experts.