Convinced You Don’t Need a Marketing Agency? 10 Things to Consider

Unless your business is marketing, you probably don't want to dedicate many hours to the activities associated with it. Yet, a Small Business Trends report from 2017 indicated that most business owners spend around 20 hours each week on marketing. Although that same report noted that the "effort has paid dividends across several metrics…" the report also vividly illustrates the challenge marketing is presenting to small businesses.

What challenges? Well, there are offline and online marketing channels that need attention. There are the email, social media, and web based activities that are considered essential. There is the content, the web design, and the more technical matters such as SEO. That is why half of the business owners surveyed say they began using at least three or four vendors to help them with marketing strategies.

Half the Week is Impossible

Of course, giving half of a standard 40 hour work week to marketing is impossible for most business owners. It is one of the main reasons to hire a skilled marketing agency. Here are a few more reasons to consider:

They tell your story - The biggest challenge of marketing is telling your story properly, i.e. creating a brand that connects with the audience. Marketing agencies can recognize your target audience, create a story to attract their interest and spread the word across the most likely channels and networks.

They stay in touch - Getting out a marketing message is one thing, but building connections with the audience is another. Who has time for it? Marketing agencies, that's who!

Restore the focus on the business - A business cannot grow if half of your energy is directed strictly at marketing. The agency can do the majority of the work and allow you to return to the business of your business.

Saves money - Paying a professional agency is an expense, but it is one that saves money. After all, they are independent contractors that save you on employment costs. They also have discounted pricing on all of the tools and essentials, reducing expenses on most services measurable.

Accesses the right tools - In line with saving money is the fact that modern marketing experts have all of the services, tools, features and capabilities required. You don't have to fine analytics, SEO research, competition analysis, and so on.

They are experts - It can take you months or years to understand modern marketing, particularly online marketing. While you are learning, everyone else is moving forward. Hiring an agency aligns you with experts who know all that is needed and can implement it immediately.

They are "in the know" - They are up to date with the latest trends, patterns and even the specifics of your target audience. Why spend weeks or months of your own time trying to determine the best platforms, content and methods when they are already there?

Grow with you - Modern marketing agencies are well aware of the fact that you don't need everything at once. They are scalable and customizable allowing you to spend on what works best, but also grow outward as soon as needed.

They understand analytics - Have you ever tried to assess analytics for a website or ad campaign? It can feel like a foreign language and make it impossible to determine the results. Marketing agencies can show you the results, use the analytics to adjust methods and get the outcomes needed.

With all of this in mind, it becomes easy to see that you cannot afford to skip out on marketing agencies. Find one that feels like a good fit, and let them get to work!

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