“Coffee” Doesn’t have to mean “Can I Sell You”?

"Coffee" Doesn't have to mean "Can I Sell You"?

There is nothing worse than being asked for coffee and having to hear a sales pitch.

The best relationships are not usually built like this. It's about actually talking to the person and learning from one another.

I was just sitting down with Terry Lipovski an executive coach here in Ottawa and by the end of our coffee we had brainstormed the most amazing ideas! We sat there throwing ideas back and forth and putting words onto his iPad; genuinely getting more and more excited. Terry called them his chicken scratches but to the two of us it looked like gold. This is what people need to do.

I ask people for coffee all the time and I listen to them to learn, if they want more insight on my passion I will provide it. Since time is the most valuable currency outside of happiness we don't want to "waste" any. Thing is your not, SOAP Media has received more business sitting down and genuinely having good conversations than most people who focus on their "pitch".

I believe it is possible to make the time to do this even once in awhile! Meeting people and connecting is such a great experience. If you can't live their life to learn from their successes and failures than at least listen to their stories. I have never once had coffee with someone and didn't learn or help someone. As much as I love technology for so many reasons I really wish more people would take the time to socialize like they used to.

Everyone has their fast-paced life but it's the people who take their time to pay attention to detail that really flourish.

Let's connect, contact me today!

-Jesse Perreault Director of Business Development