National Police Federation

The National Police Federation experience 10,400 new signups

The National Police Federation

The National Police Federation Success Story

The National Police Federation came to us a new startup with an aggressive timeline. They required a highly performing, mobile-friendly website and a complete social media presence. The challenge was that a large portion of the target audience of the federation were not involved on any social media platforms for security purposes. This meant the federation was unable to build relationships through networks like Facebook & LinkedIn, however they still needed to have ongoing, open communications with their members, as well as to connect and engage with potential members.


Our solution was multi-pronged. One of the first things we did was to develop a mobile friendly website, followed by Apple and Android applications. We were also able to develop a regular informative email strategy to bolster communications capabilities. In order to help the NPF connect with others, we created several targeted social media channels, and then developed paid advertising strategies using both AdWords and Facebook, both of which use re-marketing to enhance success. Finally, we developed a monthly video presentation delivered through Facebook and streamed live from their website, available for anyone to watch.

The National Police Federation


The results of the collaboration between SOAP Media and the National Police Federation were substantial. In a short 13 months, we were able to achieve:

 10,400 email signups

 Over 6,200 Facebook followers

 High-performance, responsive website

 2,450 application downloads (between iOS and Android app stores)

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