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Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre

Soap Media helped Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre increase pageviews by over 200%


Executive Summary

As well as boosting web traffic for the Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, we wanted to develop a content marketing strategy that would attract potential clients for many years. With a variety of therapy options to appeal to different clients, the Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre needed us to help them find the right tools, tactics and techniques to improve their marketing efforts. They turned to Soap Media, and we were able to develop an approach that significantly improved traffic to their website. Our efforts also saw a boost in conversion rates while staying under budget. At Soap Media, our approach is a holistic one. We like to bring together complementary digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC (Google Ads, Facebook Ads), lead generation and more. Using these tools and tactics, we were able to help the Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre therapists connect with individuals interested in their services.

Who is Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy?

The Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre is a group of psychotherapists and social workers in the Ottawa area. They provide individual couple and family counselling services in different languages, including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre therapists have expertise in diverse areas such as EMDR, Sandtray therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Somatic experiencing and CBT/DBT.

They believe in an integrated approach to counselling and offer flexible hours, including evening and Saturday appointments.

If you’re not sure that therapy is right for you, Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre offers a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Challenges and Objectives

With a wide variety of therapeutic options, Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre makes its services available to anyone interested. However, they were struggling to attract traffic to their website.

The organization hosts a blog page in an effort to attract visitors and convert those guests into therapy clients. Yet, they were not able to substantially increase traffic and meet their goals.

They asked Soap Media to help them attract more people to their website using Soap Media’s holistic content marketing approach. The objective was to double the website traffic and boost the conversion rate of their site. 

How Did We Help?

To help the Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre reach its goals of higher web traffic and an increase in conversion rates, we focused on developing a keyword-rich website and build an effective PPC strategy. The tactics we used included:


To increase sales, we focused on executing an effective PPC strategy. One of the goals was to develop Google Ads and Facebook Ads that would boost conversion. Our marketing approach also included using negative keywords to our client’s advantage while maintaining a narrow list of keyword phrases. The goal was to attract visitors that were more likely to become clients. We also ensured the landing page content was relevant to the search terms visitors used to get there.


To boost Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre’s search engine rankings, we focused on designing and developing a keyword-rich website. As part of our holistic content marketing approach, we implemented a thorough SEO strategy. A well-executed strategy means that the organization won’t just benefit now but for years to come. Our marketing efforts including optimizing their on-site SEO elements and develop keyword-rich backlinks from authoritative websites. We also cleaned up existing backlinks that had become a problem for their site.


Analytics are a vital tool for businesses to see the ROI of marketing efforts. To help Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre envision the impact their actions were having, Soap Media developed measurable goals. We then created analytic reports to track and measure website users and sales. We used Hotjar heat mapping software to optimize for conversions. Our team coordinates that data with information from Google Analytics for a comprehensive analytics evaluation.


Our work with the Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre focused on attracting more visitors to their website. We also wanted to help turn those visitors into clients for the Centre’s therapists.

Through our SEO strategies, we increased page views by 202%, and average sessions grew by 47%. We were also able to expand the average therapy session durations by 47%.

Boosting conversions from their website required a more targeted PPC approach, specifically focusing on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. During our work with the company, we improved the conversion rate by 42%. As a bonus, we were able to reduce campaign costs by 19%, and the cost per conversion was cut by 29%.

Using a strategic and well-rounded marketing approach that incorporated a range of tools and techniques, we were able to assist Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre boost traffic to their website and increase conversion rates, resulting in higher client contact.

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