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Why An American Company Should Hire a Canadian Company for Marketing Services

When it comes to digital marketing many U.S. companies are well aware of how important outsourcing can be. As it continues to grow in popularity, many companies are beginning to see how outsourcing SEO, web design, and internet marketing is helping them grow their business. However, what some of these companies looking to outsource don’t realize is the huge potential that lies in outsourcing to Canadian marketing companies. Canada has become a huge player when it comes to outsourcing for U.S. companies. This is likely due to the close proximity to the U.S. and non-language barriers.

By limiting your business to only its home soil, you are limiting your market, productivity, and perspective. Recently this realization has been leading companies to seek growth opportunities for their business across the board.

While there are many benefits of hiring a Canadian marketing company there are a few factors that especially stand out.

Staying in and Under Budget

The current U.S./Canada exchange rate is 1 Canadian dollar = .71 U.S. cents. Let that sink in for a second. Although it may be easy to hire XYZ marketing company from down the street, just think of how much money can be saved by hiring ABC company just a few hours across the border. However, keep in mind that exchange rates often do change so this may not be as accurate by the time you read this. But you get the point. It pays (literally) to hire your Canadian friends.

Let’s break this down further. If you’re a U.S. company looking for SEO, social media, and web design services with a budget of 3,000 a month and a Canadian company is charging you 3,000 CAD for all three services, you’ll only end up paying 2,266. This allows you to have 734 USD to use towards other services or to simply put elsewhere in your company. This is also important because instead of paying X amount for one or two employees, plus benefits to keeping your marketing team in-house, you can pay the same amount, minus the benefits for a large amount of dedicated team members across the border.

New Perspective

Hiring outside the U.S. gives you access to more tools, technology, and a whole new perspective. Having different perspectives between companies working together comes in handy when you’re trying to solve issues, implement strategies, and when you’re trying to come up with unique ways to reach a broader audience.

It’s also beneficial if you work in different time zones. That way you not only target areas where you’re from, but you also hit peak times for areas across the border as well. This is especially helpful should customer questions arise on social media or if an important event is happening at a time that isn’t as convenient for you because of your time zone or location.

Canada offers plenty of opportunities with benefits for outsourcing your marketing efforts. Not only can you save a buck or two, you can also allow your business to branch out in ways that are not always available in the U.S.