5 Ways to Dominate in Your Industry with Digital Marketing

Today's marketers know that they have to execute multiple digital marketing strategies, and they have to do this across an array of venues and channels. The goal is to constantly increase "traffic" in order to create a steady supply of leads. Of course, that means they have to be experts in targeting the ideal audience and getting them to willingly, even eagerly, enter the sales funnel.

The big question, then, is "how do you do that"? Even more importantly, how do you do it in a way that dominates?

Five Key Points

As the title said, we have five ways that you can assure your industry domination, and they are:

1. Using the data - You've done market research in order to determine if your business is viable. The next step is to then use similar data to figure out where (geographically and platform or channel-wise) and how (via keywords) to target your audience. As Entrepreneur explained, "Make sure you know exactly what the market is asking, what people are looking for, and what they need. Often there is a tremendous difference between what the layman is communicating from word-of-mouth compared to what they search for when online. Know the difference by using data."

2. Use content - That saying about content as king will never lose its importance, and you need to understand what sort of content works best. Videos, infographics, blogs, white papers…what does your audience respond to?

3. Know analytics - This is a challenge for even the most dedicated business owners because there is so much information available. Some is free, some requires the use of costly tools, but all of it is valuable. Learning how and what to glean from the analytics associated with your site and your marketing is one of the only ways to adjust, tweak and improve digital marketing that can dominate the industry.

4. Understand the value of SEO - It is not only about keywords. It is not only about website design. It is not only about link building. SEO is about a long list of factors, and you have to be conversant in this if you hope to use it to appear at the top of SERPs.

5. Be willing to adjust - If you wish to dominate, you need to cut losses and make changes in the digital marketing strategy. It is never finished or complete but is instead always fluid and adjusting to the audience.

This is a lot for a business owner to do, and it is why a final, bonus method for dominating would be to hire experts in digital marketing. They'll keep up with all facets of your strategy and steer you towards the better materials, methods and concepts as they affect your industry.

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