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5 Tips for the Perfect Social Media Profile for Your Business

Creating a strong social media is essential for businesses that want to connect with their audience and gain a strong following. But creating that profile can be a bit tricky. There isn’t a lot of space to communicate your message, and your profile can do a lot more than just inform viewers of who you are. The right profile will also make you easier to find, communicate your brand’s message and vision, and give people a reason to follow you. Here are our top five tips for a great social media profile that will make your business stand out.

1. Make sure your profile picture is high quality

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business on social media is to use a grainy photo, or a picture that is too complicated to be identified at the standard thumbnail size. Choose a simple image of your logo or of yourself if you are a sole owner-operator, and be sure to keep it consistent across all social media platforms.

2. Choose an important link to put in your profile

When people click on your profile, they expect to be able to find out more about you by clicking on a link. It’s a common practice that most individuals and businesses use online. Adding a link that leads to a customized landing page for that social media platform is a good way to call viewers to action without using up valuable space for marketing content.

3. Get creative with your profile

The bio of your profile is absolutely the place to flex your sense of humor and write something witty or creative about your company. An in-joke for Internet users that connects to your industry or niche will almost always win you followers. Look at businesses with large followings, such as Taco Bell on Twitter, to get ideas for how you can get creative while still sharing your unique message.

4. Don’t skip the additional information fields

If you are using a social media platform like Facebook that allows you to fill in things like favorite books or movies, don’t skip this part. Think of these areas as a great place to put books that you’ve published or that were written by influential people in your niche; YouTube videos that your company made as your favorite “movie”;. and so on.

5. Use the header or background wisely

If the platform you are using allows for a custom header or background, use this space to put information that either wouldn’t fit in your bio, or that changes. For example, a header is a great place to put a banner for an upcoming sale, or a background might be a good place to list off other ways to contact you (providing it doesn’t hinder the view of your content).

These five tips can help you master the initial profile set up on any social media profile. Next, you have to fill that profile with great content! For social media management solutions that accomplish just that, contact us at Soap Media.