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5 Reasons You Need Social Media Management

Whether you are the owner of a small business with many employees or operate a one-person entity, it is likely that you’ve thought of something along these lines:

“I know I need to focus some attention on social media, but…”

If that, or something like it sounds at all familiar, then you’ll want to keep reading and learn the five main reasons you should hire a skilled social media management provider right away.

After all, one study indicated that a small business owner might spend upwards of 35 hours per week doing marketing activities. Now, you probably didn’t get into your business to do marketing (unless that is the actual nature of the business), but 35 hours is a full-time job’s worth of it! Keep in mind that the marketing mentioned is not only social media, or may not include it at all. This is because marketing means everything from SEO and ad design to the creation of videos or sales copy.

Yet, more and more studies are showing that the lead to close ratio on social media marketing is far superior to outbound marketing efforts and that more than 80% of all business to business marketing relies on social media to make it happen.

So, what all of that means is simple – social media marketing is one of the most reliable and cost effective ways to channel energy, and yet it requires skill and time – two things you might not have.

The Reasons You Need Social Media

Of course, the reason you want to hire a social media manager is not “just because everyone else is doing it” or to get on board with a trendy way to market. You want to hire such an expert for a lot more than that:

1. They will be able to keep your brand ahead of and/or contemporary with social media and industry trends – You may be avoiding social media because it has a distinct air of trendiness that requires constant vigilance and interaction. The “flavor of the week” feel to it can be a turn off to those eager to use it for marketing. However, a social media manager is going to keep up with everything for you and identify the ideal channels for your content to appear

2. They give you the best appearance – Social media is, well…social. If you are not interacting with your audience on a regular basis (via responses, messages, comments and so on), then you are not living up to the bargain. The manager, however, is going to have the right level of interaction, responsiveness and contact with the audience to ensure your reputation is favorable and continues to improve

3. They keep you consistent – One of the biggest flaws in many social media campaigns is that they lose initiative or energy. The posts don’t show up with regularity and that sort of radio silence causes the campaigns to fail. With a social media manager, your voice is consistent and the communication constant. Your audience will recognize the familiar voice and get regular updates from it.

4. They ensure relevance – Anyone following you will continue to do so only as long as the post and content you provide are relevant. Your social media manager is so engaged with the audience that everything is authentic and relevant, ensuring your channels are packed with both helpful and interesting content that builds the audience over time

5. They do the work – Let’s not forget that any social media work requires everything from calendars of content, the creation of relevant content, the interaction with the audience, the assessment of campaigns and more. By hiring the manager, you alleviate yourself of the many hours this would require.

There are many more reasons a social media manager is valuable, but these should inspire you to contact an expert today. SOAP Media specializes in Social media management and helps you achieve your goals with it.