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4 Tips for Better Website Design

If you are thinking of designing a website for your business, we can help to ensure that your website will meet your business goals. Website design focuses not only on how a website looks visually but on how well it functions. A well functioning and aesthetically pleasing website will keep your customers happy and coming back over and over again.

      1. The primary consideration in a well-designed website is simplicity. Your website should be simple to use and easy to read. Limit yourself to what you need to get your point across to your customers. Anything extra will only succeed in taking away from a customer’s overall experience when using your website.
      1. Place your most important information front and centre. Don’t make your customers search for it or read through pages of content. Your main point, or points, should be on your homepage and easy to locate. Reducing the total number of pages on your website and the total amount of content on each page can go a long way to making your website easier for your customers to use.

In order to simplify the content on your website, you first need to consider what content is truly important to your customers. Cut out anything extraneous.

    Using images can help to make your website look more professional and visually pleasing. However, it is important that images are the right size. Images that are too small for space will look pixilated. Images that are too large may cause delays for customers trying to load your page. Make sure that the images you use on your website load without delay and are clearly visible.

It is also important that the images you include contribute to your website and don’t just add visual clutter. Ask yourself if each image is essential to your website, and cut out those that are not.

    Make your website easy on your customers’ eyes by using a simple colour scheme consistently throughout your website. Limit yourself to two or three colours that compliment your business’s logo. Make sure that the overall effect is not too harsh or difficult to read.

Your content should be written in an easy-to-read font in a large typeface. Headings should be large, bold and set apart from the rest of your content. Using spaces between paragraphs and keeping paragraphs short can help to make your content easy for customers to digest.

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