4 Tips for Better Mobile SEO for Your Small Business

The world has gone mobile. Mobile Internet access outpaced desktop Internet access for the first time ever back in 2017, and so far, 2018 has been no exception to the trend. More and more, consumers are using their smartphones to research products and businesses, and to locate companies in their immediate area. If you’re not concerned about mobile SEO, you could be crippling your business. What should you do, though? Here are four tips to help you improve your mobile search optimization.

1. Optimize for Mobile First

Today, business owners must take a mobile-first view of everything from website design to keyword optimization. Given the fact that up to 60% of all Internet searches are now made on a mobile device, you simply cannot afford to ignore this. The first step in any mobile SEO plan should be to ensure that your site and its contents are optimized for viewers using smartphones or tablets – small screens with limited real estate, and multiple potential viewing angles.

2. Focus on Local Users

While mobile users do love to visit international sites like Amazon, most of them are focused on local searches. This is good news for small business owners with brick and mortar locations in the local area, but in order to benefit from this shift in consumer behavior, you’ll need to make the most of it. Increasingly, mobile SEO means local SEO. You’ll need to optimize your site, your blog, and your social media for local searchers, and you’ll need to make sure that relevant locality-related keywords are used throughout your site’s content. This goes well beyond NAP (name, address and phone number).

3. Invest in SMS Marketing

While SMS does not tie into search engine optimization, it is a growing part of mobile marketing. By investing in SMS marketing, you can do a number of things. One of those is ensuring that you’re able to reach your audience where they live, which is increasingly on their smartphone. Up to 80% of Millennials open text messages rather than emails, and most consumers in general today would prefer interacting with a business via text message than in any other capacity, including face-to-face and social media. Plus, SMS marketing allows you to do more than simply communicate via text – you can deliver coupons, special offers and more to drive foot traffic through your door, all thanks to mobile devices.

4. Use Teasers to Promote Longer Content

In order to improve mobile SEO, you need to realize some of the primary differences between mobile devices and laptops and desktops. Screen sizes are drastically smaller, and attention spans are also shorter. You need to optimize your site so that headlines are prominent, and that only a teaser portion of the content is shown. This allows the visitor to determine if they want to read more, or move on to your next post, as well as giving them the means to skim through your content easily.

Mobile SEO is a vital area for small business owners to master, but it can be challenging. A professional digital marketing firm can simplify things and help you triumph.