4 Instagram Tips to Steal from Beauty Brands

One of the most neglected social media platforms for many brands and industries is Instagram. With such a strong focus on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is still being pushed down the list of priorities. But if you take a look at how some industries are using this platform, you’ll see that the potential for engagement and conversion here is astronomical. One of the best examples of Instagram’s potential is in beauty brands. Companies that sell makeup and skin care have seen huge returns from this photo-based social media site. If you want to mimic their success, here are four ways that they use this platform for reaching millions:

1. Their photos are pretty.

Instagram is a photo-based website. People who come to Instagram expect to see visually stimulating content. In other words, they are looking for images that draw them in. For beauty customers, that means they want to see pretty things. Your customers may want to see adventurous photos, grungy photos, artsy photos – but whatever it is, you must be sure that every image you post aces the theme of your brand each time.

2. They interact with followers.

Beauty brands consistently use Instagram to talk to their audiences, not just to advertise to them. They run giveaways, they have Q&As with influencers, they comment back to their audience, and they use this platform for customer service frequently. Simply posting pictures isn’t enough to earn the kind of following that these brands have built. You must be willing to put in the time getting involved with your growing community for this site to work for you.

3. They use hashtags correctly.

Instagram is similar to Twitter in that hashtags are the way that the website becomes searchable. If you use hashtags on your photos, it will be much easier for your posts to be found, but it will also help Instagram’s algorithm recommend you to new followers. You’ll be featured on Instagram’s Discover page more frequently if your hashtag use is frequent, relevant, and well-curated for your industry. You can also use hashtags to encourage engagement. Create your own hashtags for giveaways, conversations, and for customers to use when talking about your brand.

A very similar feature that should also be part of your Instagram routine is photo tagging. This means that in addition to the hashtags below your posts, the photo itself can be tagged with anything from the name of the person in the photo, to a link for the product featured in the photo.

4. They use the Stories feature.

Instagram’s most unique feature is Stories – a Snapchat-style video or photo-sharing feature that is only viewable for 24 hours. These Stories show up to your followers, and then disappear the next day, making them perfect for offering sneak peaks, limited-time-only coupon codes, and so much more. Stories encourage people to follow rather than just browse your page because they don’t want to miss out if they know you use the feature.

These four tips are exactly how beauty brands are turning Instagram into a very profitable marketplace for their products. Use these tips yourself, or contact us at SOAP Media at 613-818-3499 to learn about our social media management services.

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