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3 Lesser Known SEO Trends for 2019

3 Lesser Known SEO Trends for 2019

What are the keys to SEO? By now, most of us are starting to understand the meaning of the acronym SEO (search engine optimization) and why it is important to businesses and organizations of all kinds. If you want to succeed at nearly any endeavor that occurs online, then it means doing so via optimal SEO results.

Why? Because the world has changed entirely since as little as ten years ago. Today, we don't use (or rarely ever even see) yellow pages directories full of tiny listings and costly print ads. Few of us open a newspaper to find information about commercial products or services we might require.

Instead, we might grab the mobile phone, laptop, tablet or speak a search into the air and know that our Siri or Cortana will help with the issue.

Because of that, we have to know how to use or create plans for SEO in a way that makes the most sense. Up until only recently, the idea of crafting keywords based on spoken text instead of typed text was not an issue. Today, however, we must think about this unique way of phrasing things.

What other trends might benefit someone using SEO in 2019? We have several good tips:

1. It is NOT just Google - Here's one of the lesser-known trends in SEO, and yet when you think about it, there is a huge amount of logic behind it. Are we saying focus on Bing and Yahoo? No. We're saying think about things like when building your SEO and search engine plans. As "Eli Schwartz, director of SEO and growth for SurveyMonkey," said, "2019 will be the year that, once again, SEO will not just be about how to optimize for Google, but we will have to take into account these other engines as well," and that can mean a lot of different terminology. Product descriptions, titles and even tags on images all come into play. As another SEO expert said, "SEO is about showing up wherever and however people are searching - not just getting the first blue link. So you must learn how to drive traffic and engagement for things other than just websites." What this means is simple: Think about things like apps, podcasts, videos, and websites. And keep thinking about ranking the highest where people search for your specific items or services.

2. It is not JUST content - Exceptional content is the rule of the day where lesser-known SEO trends are concerned. As the Search Engine Journal reported, Google will be rewarding sites that offer the best in-depth experiences, and "creating content just to keep your blog alive...won't be good enough any longer... create content that solves a problem - content that moves, motivates, and connects with people."

3. It is not JUST SEO - The final, lesser-known trend is to focus on technical SEO as an important investment. In other words, what is the speed of the site, is there any JavaScript, and is there on-page optimization?

SOAP Media Inc, can help your firm implement these, and other, strategies to maximize the results of your SEO for 2019.