3 Conditions in which Google de-ranks a website on SEO?

What will help is if you take the time to review three conditions in which Google de-ranks a website on SEO so you can avoid these blunders and make improvements to your site. Find out what really matters for SEO so you can boost your Google ranking today.

What is SEO?

The first question to answer is, what is SEO so you can learn more about why it matters and is important. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing your site with the goal of increasing visibility for people that are searching for services or products that you can deliver. It's for consumers who are using Google and other search engines to get accurate results and, in turn, hopefully, take action.

1. Poor & Outdated Content

You must publish high-quality content if you want to improve SEO on your website. Poor and outdated content is one reason that Google might de-rank your site. Excellent and relevant content is vital and acts as a means of providing valuable information to your visitors. Thin and dated content can hurt your rankings quickly. You need to provide helpful content to readers so you can lower your bounce rate and make sure people are spending enough time on your pages. Keep it fresh and updated and use keywords to help you improve in this area.

2. Slow Page Speeds & Page Experience

Another of the google ranking factors has to do with page speed and page experience. Take the time to optimize your page speed so you can avoid losing visitors and users. Even the slightest difference in speed and the site loading slower can cost you sales and money. Use online tools to check your speed and focus on ways to increase page speed overall. As far as page experience goes, this tip is all about user experience having an impact on SEO. Many benefits will come with you getting it right and creating a better user experience through site architecture, core web vitals, security, and ad experience.  

3. Not Mobile-Friendly or Responsive

A third and final way to ensure Google doesn't de-rank your website on SEO is to make it mobile-first. Mobile-first indexing is how Google indexes your site which comes directly from your mobile version of your site. It's not about mobile usability but about having a responsive design that can help you in this area. Follow Google's guidelines to confirm that your website content identically matches what's on your desktop and mobile.

SEO Best Practices

Now that you know what SEO is and why it's important for marketing, it will help to have some tips and best practices for getting started. Some of these include using internal linking, publishing noteworthy and engaging content, and adding your main keyword early on in your content. Also, always write unique titles, descriptions, and original content to help you boost SEO. You can track your results in the Google Search Console to see how you're doing.

Our SEO Services

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These are just some of the conditions in which Google de-ranks a website on SEO. There are others that we'd be happy to share with you when you contact us to learn more about our services. Get in touch today so that we can help you to create a plan that will attract quality visitors to your website and convert them into leads and sales.