10 Tips When Developing Your Website

Your website is an essential component of your business. These days it's more important than ever to have one. Without one, you risk losing out on potential leads and customers.

The dilemma may be that you don't have a website set up or maybe your current site is outdated or not well maintained. In this case, you might want to take the time to review 10 tips when developing your website that can help you find success in this area and with this task. It'll be well worth your time and energy in the long run once you see the ROI results.

1. Implement A Simple & Fresh Design

One tip when developing your website is to keep the design simple and fresh. Avoid overcomplicating it and make sure that your menus are easy to navigate and your home page is attractive and informative. Confirm that it's also mobile responsive since many people visit websites using their phones. Include your branding and color scheme as well as easy-to-read text.

2. Focus on Speed

Pay attention to and focus on the speed of your website when developing it. You risk losing visitors and them clicking away if your site is slow to load. A slow site can also negatively impact purchasing decisions. A few ways to achieve this goal are optimizing images and keeping the software up to date.

3. Check for Accuracy

You also need to make sure your website is accurate as you develop and maintain it. Check for errors and mistakes by proofreading your pages and looking over your site frequently for oversights. Include your correct product and service offerings and contact information as well. Inaccurate information can quickly turn visitors away.

4. Keep Your Website Copy Relevant & Focused

As you develop your website you also want to make sure that your website copy is customer-oriented. Use it as a way to inform your prospects and current customers as well as an opportunity to engage with them and offer them value. Present relevant and current information both on your landing pages and on your blog. Always make sure the content you have on your site is original.

5. Include Images & Video

When developing your website you should also be sure to include images and videos. A text-heavy site can be slow and uninteresting. Make sure that your videos and images are professional looking and that you take time to optimize them.

6. Think about Functionality

You also need to develop a website with functionality in mind. Make sure that it's easy to use or user-friendly and that there are no broken links or inadequate security features. Confirm all forms and surveys are working properly and that it's seamless from a user's perspective.

7. Make it SEO-Friendly

Keep SEO in mind as you develop your website if you want it to be found. It's essential to ensure that your site pops up in search results and that customers are directed to your business first and foremost. There are ways to achieve this goal such as by improving your page speed, making it mobile-friendly, and writing attractive title tags and meta descriptions.

8. Integration with Social Media

Another tip when developing your website is to take the time to properly integrate it with social media. It's not an option or novelty but a must-have. You want users to be able to share information from your site to social media effortlessly and conveniently. Add social sharing buttons so users can quickly click to distribute written and visual content to their networks.

9. Active Blog

It's also wise nowadays that you have an active blog on your website. It's a great way to share information about what's happening at your company or within the industry and product insights. Your brand and website can boost trust and visibility when you provide readers with engaging and helpful content.

10.  Include A Call-to-Action

One of the most important aspects of your website build and design is to include a call-to-action. You must make sure that your landing pages tell visitors what you want them to do. It may be to sign up for a newsletter or service or to buy a product. Include clear verbiage and keep it above the fold.


These tips are a great starting point when developing your website but it's a lot of details and information to consider and digest. If you would like help with this essential task then consider reaching out to us for expert Website Design & Development service Ottawa and we'd be happy to assist you. Here at SOAP Media we help businesses succeed online and want to have the chance to prove to you that we can generate more leads and traffic to your site.